The word clairaudience comes from the French clair, meaning “clear,” and audience, meaning “hearing.” It is the ability to hear things intuitively either inside your head or as voices or sounds.

If you love playing or listening to music and learn easily by hearing someone talk, you probably have a natural clairaudient talent. If you tend to say “I hear what you’re saying,” this would indicate a tendency toward intuitive hearing. If a thought comes suddenly and out of nowhere, it is probably clairaudient intuition, rather than something you worked out in your brain.

The fact that other people don’t hear what you hear doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. Rather it is a sign that you are gifted with the ability to intercept frequencies most people cannot hear.

Individuals who are opening to their clairaudience may feel sensations such as tingling or itching in one ear or along one side of the face. There may be a tone, static, buzzing, or ringing in the ear. Some report that they hear something that sounds like a radio that they can’t hear clearly or that there is a sound like the roar of the ocean. While these symptoms may be distracting, they will cease when one gets attuned to this higher vibration.

Developing Clairaudience

If you want to amplify your clairaudience, meditation helps. Sit in a relaxed position, clear your mind, take deep belly breaths for a few minutes. It’s useful to surround yourself with angels and breathe in a feeling of love to raise your vibration.

You can ask for a specific guide, Ascended Master, angel, or deceased loved one who is in the Light to speak to you and write down anything you hear. Listen only to spirits who are in a loving place and tune the others out. Higher level spirits give loving support, while lesser developed spirits may broadcast messages that make you feel disempowered, frightened. Alternatively, they may feed your ego and tell you you’re smarter, more deserving, or better than others. You won’t want to listen to messages that bring either pride or fear.

Put the writing away for a few days before rereading it. You will probably notice that what was said or the way it was said was unusual for you. This develops trust that you are receiving thoughts from beyond the veil. Patience and frequent practice also help you gain confidence.

Stones & Affirmations Increase Clairaudience

If worn at the ears or throat, Labradorite will be especially effective in helping you hear spirit. Dumortierite is said to not only aid in clairaudience, but help with mental telepathy—hearing thoughts of others. Any high vibration stone such as Moldavite, Herderite and Phenacite will also help you develop all of your intuitive resources. Or you can program any crystal that “feels”

These affirmations will aid in the process of strengthening clairvoyance:

• My clairaudience grows stronger every day.

• I trust the messages I receive from loving spirits and they bring valuable information and guidance.

Have fun with this and seek direction within.

By Shala

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About the writer: Shala Kilmer

 Shala Kilmer is a Spiritualist Minister with a Master’s Degree in Education. She offers Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Mediumship, Channeling and Past Life Regressions as well as classes on developing your ability to channel and develop your own psychic gifts. 248.258.8287. [email protected]. Shala is availabe to travel to teach intuition classes throught the US, call for rates and arrangements, and shared profit seminars. 

4 Responses to Clairaudience

  1. val September 28, 2012 at 9:04 AM

    When you daughter was a baby I am sure no one meant any harm with the words ‘old soul’. Maybe they had never seen such a beautiful baby. I think your daughter can still see her granparents but should not stay at her grandparents as it is upsetting her. As this was posted a while ago, maybe she has grown out of i and is busy out with her friends. Whn she is at home, give her a book to read!!!!!!

  2. Ej March 27, 2012 at 3:24 AM

    I’m very grateful for this article. I have been searching online trying to find information that matches what I’ve been going through. The above article has answered many of the questions I’ve had about the sounds I’ve been hearing. It’s been helpful to learn how to recognize both positive and negative experiences and how to handle them. Thank you for writing it.

  3. Penny August 31, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    just before the veil is lifted and we receive infromation from the subconscious mind, the angelic realm or the Spirit world… our hearing is often amplified. It happens too in that slight moment between being awake and falling asleep. Psychic have the ability to linger between the two worlds and comunicate with both sides, it can be especally confussing for children. My daughter explained it like a door opening on the top of her head and she would say things like “I can hear all the words to all the songs ever song” Later I simply told her that she could close that door anytime she liked and she would use her hand to just close that door when she was bothered. She also was always very sensitive to loud noises but once she figured out that she was in control of it, she was no longer afraid or sensitive. Hope this help.

  4. Anonymous August 30, 2010 at 4:50 AM

    From the time my daughter was 2-4 years old, she had a strong auditory sensitivity to airplanes overhead. She would hold her ears in a frightened way. Often, she would hear airplanes that we could neither see nor hear until about a minute after she detected their sound. She is ok with airplanes now, but has continued to have a very strong sensitivity to lound noise. Fireworks are a good example. Well, she is 7 now and within the last month or so, has complained about hearing music in her ears at night, but only while staying overnight @ her grandma’s house on the weekends. She has never heard anything similar here @ home. She has actually recently requested not to stay the night there anymore because this “music” scares her. She specifically hears a lot of violin music, she says. She is extremely intelligent and does very well academically. Even as a baby people would say she has the eyes of an “old soul”. Could anyone offer any input or opinions on this matter? I don’t want to take her to the doctor because I truly do not feel this is a mental disorder of any sort….


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