Jan. 15, 2012 workshop provides introduction to Doga

Southgate, MI – Learn to incorporate your pets into your home yoga practice at a workshop planned for 1 p.m. Jan. 15, 2012 at Yoga 4 Peace 13550 Dix-Toledo Road, Southgate, MI 48195. Admission is free with a donation to benefit a pet rescue in the Downriver area. Class size is limited and reservations are required by Jan. 10.

Suzi Teitelman created the partner yoga for you and your pet known as Doga (www.Dogadog.com) that has received national recognition. Now Doga is coming to Downriver Detroit Jan. 15 as shared by Cindy Orlandi, RYT, who took Suzi’s Doga teacher training in 2011 after completing yoga teacher training with Jim Pero, RYT, and having a home yoga practice with her own dogs since the 1970s. Both Tietelman and Orlandi volunteer to teach Doga to benefit animal rescue groups as a type of karma yoga.

People come with different experience to the yoga mat, and so do our dogs. Dogs model stretching, unconditional love and contentedness. Most animals better understand the need to stretch our bodies, breathe, relax and enjoy the present moment. We can learn together. This workshop is intended for people with or without previous yoga experience who will get help shaping their own home Doga experience. Although dogs will not be part of this first introductory workshop experience, a followup outside Doga experience may be planned later in the year for those completing the introductory workshop.

What is Doga?

• Sharing your yoga practice at mat with your dog. It is about deepening your yoga practice as well as your connection with your dog.

• You and your dog breathing and calming each other, bonding and trusting, connecting in the moment.

• Doga is a new way to think about living with pets. Our dogs react to our feelings and body language. When we lead hectic lives, our dogs feel it and become anxious. When our pets sense the calm energy we find through Doga, they also become calmer.

What will you learn:

• Dogs have natural poses we can help them deepen, and they help us as well.

• Poses may differ for small dogs and big dogs.

• Our pets remind us that we need to stretch daily! Dogs and cats do it naturally all the time. Yoga asanas or postures came from watching animals doing what came to them naturally. In the Doga experience, we learn from our pets to stretch and then we take it to another level, doing poses together, taking each other into a higher place.

• Massage and acupressure are important to the Doga experience, sharing our energy and love.

• There is no perfect yoga or Doga pose. In the workshop, you’ll learn to play and be creative with the poses.

About Yoga 4 Peace

The Mission of Downriver’s Yoga 4 Peace non-profit educational organization is to share yoga with all, regardless of personal belief, physical ability, or financial limitation. For more information, visitwww.y4peace.org or call 734-282-9642.

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