Enjoy More of What You Want In 2012

Are you excited to set New Year resolution and looking forward to achieving them?

Or, do you feel a deep suspicion that you cannot have what you really want?

More of What You Want is an online course that helps you create more of what you want and get results that increase your security and satisfaction.

You have heard that promise before, but this program supports you with techniques and information you probably have not worked with before.

It can be quite easy to create new habits of thinking and feeling – habits that make you more likely to get more of what you want in the New Year.

Do you wonder why the law of attraction does not always seem to work? It is not your fault if you haven’t been able to simply picture what you want and get it. Most teachings about the law of attraction have been misleading and incomplete. You are encouraged to think you have failed to be positive when you get surprising or disappointing results.

Find out what does make the law of attraction work and what you have been doing that keeps it from working. Teachers who purport to teach the law of attraction leave out important points. If they do cover everything, they often do not tell you how to use the information to really get results.

Find out how to manifest More of What You Want

If you’ve been thinking you have to have pain to gain, there is a better way.

If you have been struggling, taking boot camps and intensives, I can tell you there is no obstacle to get over.

If you have been taught magical thinking, you can stop trying to be positive and fighting your thoughts.

Once you learn to align with your true self desires, all the struggle will be over.

Find out the secrets that are still secret and the details that are not often divulged.

Learn what happens when your unconscious patterns conflict with your conscious desires (and affirmations are useless.)

Get my intuitive help to identify the unconscious patterns that sabotage success and change them.

Understand how and when your life purpose affects the manifestation of your goals or desires.

See how your karma and your creations affect each other.

Find out why some goals bring true satisfaction but others don’t.

Discover what you really want and manifest it for deep satisfaction.

Harness all the powers of the universe to support you so you can go with the flow and have an easier experience.

More of What You Want leads you step by easy step to align your heart’s desire with your conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. More of What You Want aligns you with your deep desires and soul’s purpose, so results tend to bring joy and satisfaction. This alignment makes goals easier to achieve, too!

More of What You Want is a self- directed program that can take as little as 21 days. It takes at least 21 days to create a new habit.

You can play with the activities and meditations at your own pace. You might want to take 40 days and really delve into them. However you follow it, you will begin creating More of What You Want without so much struggle.

More of What You Want includes an intuitive consultation with me, Ruth Wilson to help you identify and change the unconscious patterns that have held you back.

This is not another boot camp or intensive. It doesNOTtake massive action or struggle to manifest your desires. But you do need to be willing to take responsibility for your results and making the changes necessary.

You will get More of What You Want in ways that seem magic, but you must make some mundane (though fairly easy) actions.

Enjoy this program and an intuitive consultation to identify your unconscious patterns foronly $47, paid securely through PayPal.

Register today at https://www.jigsawbox.com/signup/EnlightenedInteraction/5673/12674

Ruth Wilson.

I am an Intuitive Consultant and Certified Life Coach. I have researched and experimented with manifestation techniques for many years. Recent teachings about Law of Attraction overlook a number of important issues. I am able to help you address these issues. I support you by identifying the unconscious patterns that get in your way, so you can clear a path to more satisfying experiences. You can find me on the web at www.EnlightenedInteraction.com

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