It’s in Divine Order

Friends say to me, “It’s in divine order” when they don’t get THAT job or don’t want a second date with THAT guy. It sure doesn’t seem like divine order when there are too many decisions I have to make or bills to pay, and it feels like I am out of resources.

I have been wondering if that saying is really just a platitude. So I decided to ask Source just that, in my meditation. And these were the thoughts that came to me: we only expect what we think we deserve; the only difference between miracle workers, or even folks who seem to have everything they want, AND ME, is what I believe to be true about myself. Another thought popped into my head about me getting out of the way of my true nature and realizing that I am the creator of my own life by being aware of my feelings and thoughts. The saying, “I can find joy where I look,” popped into my head.

Upon waking the next day, I decided to find the simplest things to discover joy in. Even when I felt sad about my son going off to college again, I felt joy in my body’s strength as I climbed the steep hill near my home. The cool breeze blowing on my face was a wonderful gift. The birds and little creatures feasting on seeds in my backyard delighted me. My friends calling to check on me, and send love, filled my heart with gratitude. I liked this feeling of joy.

I started to realize that I have the power to be in joy no matter what happens. Being able to CREATE, and be in charge of my thoughts and feelings, is an amazing type of order. It is a gift, a divine one. With practice, I know now that I have what I need to survive, to overcome and to thrive….no matter what comes my way. Through my way of thinking and feeling, I know that everything truly is in divine order.

Faith Bower

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About the writer: Faith Bower

Faith Brower is an Early Childhood Educator and Director, She has her Bachelors in English and Masters in Early Childhood Leadership. She has served in various roles at Unity Churches in Chicago and the Greater Detroit area. Faith is currently writing books for children and adults to help support them in maneuvering through divorce and death experiences.

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