Astrological Trends 2017:

Astrological Trends January 2018:

• Uranus (the planet of freedom, individuality, revolutions, and other avenues creating change) will continue to square Pluto (the planet of transformation, rebirth, regeneration, death, destruction, and all issues that we don’t like looking at) off and on until April 2018. Since we have been under these influences we have seen problems in the Petroleum industry (oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, China, and Michigan) and with the Nuclear Power industry (the disaster in Japan due to an earthquake and associated tsunami) both of which are related to Pluto. Because of these disasters this has initiated a revolutionizing process (Uranus). Also we have seen initiation of social revolutions (Uranus) against the graft and corruption (Pluto) in many governments around the world. Many of these are nonviolent, such as the “Occupy Wall Street” in the US, or extremely violent, like we are have seen and are seeing like Turkey, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Yemen, and Iraq or with the terrorist attacks in France, Canada, and the United States. We will continue to see violent revolutions around the world until these influences are over with. In the US we are seeing protests (sometimes violent) around allegations of police brutality against African-Americans, gay rights especially around marriage, and transgender equality. Also, there are potentially volatile situations between Russia and the Ukraine, and between China and other nations around the South China Sea. With the Uranus influence who knows what can happen here, but it can become explosive and turn into an armed conflict. Because of these things we are also seeing fluctuations with the oil and gas industry which is having a potentially negative effect on the world economy. All the recent terrorist attacks (bombings, shootings, etc.) are a result of this influence.

• Pluto continues to Quincunx the North Node until March 2018. Under this influence we will be facing our issues around moving forward in our lives.

• Chiron (the planetoid which deals with self-care) continues to sextile Pluto off and on until March 2018, to square Saturn until January 2018, and Quincunx the North Node until December 21. There are a lot of economic and political difficulties we are dealing with, and because of the Saturn and North Node influences we will be pushed to take responsibility for our own self-care and there we are facing difficulty moving forward around our self-care; however, we will have the confidence (Pluto) we need to do this.

• Saturn continues to trine Uranus until November 2018. Under this influence there is an opportunity to build inspired and creative new structures for the future.

• Jupiter (the planet relating to expansion, optimism, religion, and philosophy) continues to trine Neptune until January 15, to trine Pluto until October 2018, to square the North and South Nodes until February 2018, and starting January 5 Jupiter will trine Chiron until April 2018. Under these influences there is opportunity to get strength, confidence, and clarity around our beliefs, philosophies, religious institutions, and our legal systems, and to feel good about taking take of ourselves; however, there is potential for disillusionment around our ability to face our past and move forward in our lives.

• On Monday January 1 at 9:24PM Eastern Time a full moon will occur at 11º Cancer. This is usually a time of release and, being in Cancer (which is the sign relating to family) there will be the tendency for people to want to express their feelings and emotions around their family. There could be some heated discussions around family meetings and gatherings.

• On Wednesday January 31 at 8:27AM a full moon and Lunar Eclipse will occur at 11º Leo that is also a Supermoon. The time around a full moons usually a time of release and, being in Leo (which is the sign relating to our ego/sense of self) there will be the tendency for people to want to express their feelings and emotions and not care what it does to anyone around them. There is the self-centered and self-indulgent aspect to Leo which would indicate that there could be a hot time in the bars tonight. Because there is a Lunar Eclipse and a Supermoon the effects will be more intense.

You will be affected by any of these transits if there is an aspect to your chart. If you are interested in finding out how the current transits may affect you, if you need a general reading or update, and/or you need a relationship compatibility reading please contact me to set up an appointment. I can help you to see what is happening in your life. To set up an appointment call me at (734) 434-0804 or e-mail me at [email protected]

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