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Miche Lame Hypnotherapist

As a Trained Hypnotherapist, Miche Can Help You Heal anxiety, Sleeping Issues, Self-esteem Problems, Weight Loss Struggles, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Smoking Addictions, Intimacy Issues....

The Most Important Relationship

by Miche Lame The most important relationship is your relationship with God, the Divine Spirit. All our other relationships merely reflect that important, primary, first...

Achieving Your Goals and Beyond

By Miche Lame One of the things I’ve realized is what a lot of my clients do when they are feeling more centered and happy...

Our Thoughts Create Our Vibration

By Miche Lame' When we give our attention to negative thoughts, we are changing our vibration to a lower vibration and incorporating it into our...

Forgiveness is Self Care for the Self

by Miche Lame How often do we talk about caring for ourselves? Caring for the self comes in many guises. It can mean taking a...

Give the love to yourself first

By Miche Lame We all know there is a reason that airlines tell you to put your air mask on yourself first and then see...

What we focus on builds and expands

By Miche Lame What we focus on builds and expands. There is now a lot of research out there documenting this idea. McTaggert and her...