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Miche Lame Hypnotherapist

As a Trained Hypnotherapist, Miche Can Help You Heal anxiety, Sleeping Issues, Self-esteem Problems, Weight Loss Struggles, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Smoking Addictions, Intimacy Issues....

What if Gd was one of us?

By Miche Lame That is a question I often think of and think I know the answer to. The answer is yes! We are created...

What if Every Thought was a Prayer?

By Miche Lame' What if every thought was a prayer? What are your thoughts saying that you're praying for? Thoughts create emotions, which create a...

I Knew This Would Happen AGAIN!

By Miche Lame' For example, I tend to continue to stay up later than I had intended, even though I know it is a poor...

You are NOT your ego or your personality!

By Miche Lame' We are, ultimately, made of love and light. Only our egos keep us stuck and in the dark, feeding the dark and...

The words “I AM.”

by Miche Lame' God gives us the ability to create our world. Because we are actually divine, we just are taught we aren’t good enough...

Get to Know Thy Self

A common question my clients wonder is how to get to know themselves. There are many different ways to begin the journey of getting...