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Practical Telepathy




Every life form is intelligent and conscious and can be communicated with through telepathy. If you are at all sensitive psychically you are pretty aware of a wide range of communication which has nothing to do with words. Far beyond body language, we can perceive the needs, intentions and emotions of those around us. Telepathy is largely based on this kind of intuitive connection and is primarily passed through feeling. So, it is not so much the words as a kind of feeling intention that crosses the boundaries of language and species. You may have words and ideas to communicate, but the energy which conveys those words is the energy of will, which moves along our feelings and carries our thoughts and intentions with it.

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“A Pendulum Primer”

“A Pendulum Primer”
One of the most common and easiest-to-use tools in your metaphysical
toolbox is, without question, the humble pendulum. Lots of our
customers carry one with them everywhere, and use them to learn a
variety of things from simple yes/no answers, to which of their chakra
points are blocked, and the location of lost car keys..

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