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Healing Meditations by Chrissie Blaze

With love and joy, the multi-talented Chrissie Blaze has brought forth 2 brand new publications and just in time to share them with those you care about for the holidays, or any reason for that matter. Healing Meditations: blessings for the heart and Healing Prayers: blessings from the heart are the latest offerings from the […]

What’s Your Dharma?

What’s Your Dharma?

What's Your Dharma?

While there are many avenues for a person to travel along their journey to finding out why they were put on this earth, what they are here to accomplish with their life, none that I have found identify the purpose and then explain it like the book “What’s Your Dharma?; Discover the Vedic Way to Your Life’s Purpose” by Lissa Coffey.Ms. Coffey gives us a concise method of discovery and then follows it up with the details that generate a deep understanding and foster a deep appreciation of who we are and why we are here.

Shea Vaughn’s Breakthrough

Shea Vaughn’s Breakthrough


The 5 Living Principles to Defeat Stress,Look Great & Find Total Well-Being

Shea Vaughn

Founder of Sheanetics

"I'm grateful my mom took the time to share her passion in this book. Her work ethic and optimism have always inspired me." --Vince Vaughn, Actor

“I practice internal medicine. What I found in SheaNetics was a program that improved my strength, increased my flexibility, and reduced stress.” --Michael Sommerfeld, M.D.Internal Medicine

Looking Within

Looking Within

Looking Within

Have you ever wondered how we became what we are? Or maybe wonder where it is we are heading in this life time of ours?

Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing”

Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing”

“Why Wait? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Preparing Emotionally, Financially and Legally for a parent’s death”

by Carolyn A. Brent M.B.A.

It is obvious when one starts to read Why Wait? that the author Carolyn A. Brent, M.B.A. never expected to find herself in the situation she presents through the recanting of her extremely personal experiences dealing with her aging father’s life circumstances but this is exactly WHY she wrote the book.This is a baby boomer’s guide to preparing emotionally, financially and legally for a parent’s death and while Ms. Brent’s father is still alive the journey they experienced is something she hopes to spare the reader.

STRAYS- A woman, a dog and the timeless wisdom of nature

STRAYS- A woman, a dog and the timeless wisdom of nature


A woman, a dog and the timeless wisdom of nature

A novel by Jeanne Webster

When you read a book and it brings a smile to your face you have found a good book indeed. When you read a book that brings a smile to your heart, you have found a GREAT book!STRAYS is a GREAT book!

“Daily Guidance From Spirit” ~ Trilogy

“Daily Guidance From Spirit” ~ Trilogy

"Daily Guidance From Spirit" ~ Trilogy

Awaken to your-Self!

These books are a philosophy designed to assist you with remembering and strengthening your connection with the Divine.
“What you are is Spirit incarnate. Who you are is the facade you pretend to be. Embrace the What and you will understand the Who.”

It is my wish to inspire your future through the simplicity and innovation of these Divinely guided messages.

This Divinely guided trilogy is designed to assist you with a moreSimple Art of Being, learn toEmbrace Your Angelic Perfection, and to live likeThe Awakened Angel that you are.

“This book provides so much insight and guidance! It is beautifully written and has messages for everyone! A must have book! It’s a wonderful tool for daily living and a perfect gift for the special people in your life! “Melissa Bradley Wang

This book is amazing, Use it daily to guide you or pick it up randomly when you need it. The messages that you need will always be there. This book inspires, guides and motivates you to be the best person you can truly be. It is thought provoking and reaches you to your inner most essence. It is a must have for your book shelf. It is a must have for your spirit to soar. "Hollie"

Truly Inspirational! While this book is joyfully simplistic in it’s delivery, the messages within are profound. Some pages I have read again and again, receiving a new message each time! I love books like this, it’s light enough to be fun, but deep enough to provoke your mind. This one’s a keeper, definitely staying on my bookshelf for a long time! "R. Brummett"

"The Insights and Inspirations of Suzi Hendricks: A Book of Poetry"

Delicious and fun these words are meant to inspire you to be the best you, you can be!
Simple yet powerful. Open your heart and open your mind to these beautiful words of encouragement and inspiration.

"That which you cannot resist is the call of your Angelic Perfection" Suzi Hendricks
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