Janet Tait, Healing Touch

Janet Tait, Healing Touch
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How Can Healing Touch Benefit You?
·       Decreasing Pain
·       Calming Anxiety and Depression
·       Promoting relaxation
·       Enhancing Recovery from Surgery
·       Strengthening the Immune System
·       Complementing Care for Neck and Back Problems
·       Enhancing Healing of Wounds and Fractures.
·       Supporting Cancer Care
·       Creating a Sense of Well-Being
·       Support the Dying Process
·       Promote healing of Acute and Chronic Conditions
·       Deepening a Spiritual Connection
Human Energy Field Theory
            According to the theory of energy-based healing, we have an energy field that permeates and surrounds our bodies.  Healing Touch involves the use of light touch or the movement of hands within the energy field.  This is done to facilitate the flow of energy to promote the healing process.  It facilitates the person’s ability to self heal.
           Healing Touch benefits the patient, because it contributes to healing of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.
             There are over 90 research studies on Healing Touch.  To review a synopsis of them, go to the Healing Touch International website, www.HealingTouchInternational.org.
Where is Healing Touch Used?
          Healing Touch is used in a wide variety of settings including private practices, hospitals, hospices, long-term care facilities, and spas. 
 Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, CHTP/I, HNC founded Healing Touch in 1989 as a continuing education program for nurses, other health care professionals and laypersons.  Healing Touch is taught in universities, medical and nursing schools and other settings, both in the United States and internationally.
           Healing Touch is a modern adaptation of ancient healing practices.  Other cultures have used energy for healing for centuries.
Can I Learn to do Healing Touch?
             It is thought everyone has the ability to do Healing Touch. Janet Healing Touch teaches classes.  The classes are open to all adults that are interested in energy-based healing.  The Healing Touch Level 1 Class is approved for continuing nursing education by the American Holistic Nurses Association.  There are also contact hours for massage therapists by the NCBTMB.
 For information on classes visit her website at www.jtaitwellness.com. You may also e-mail her at [email protected] or call at 248-627-2125.
About Janet Tait
            Janet graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan.  She is a registered nurse and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner as well as a Certified Healing Touch Instructor.  She has had a holistic nursing practice specializing in Healing Touch since 1995.  Her office is in Clarkston, MI
           Jan is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and a charter member of Healing Touch International.
          For information on Healing Touch, classes or to make an appointment, call 248-627-2125.

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  • Janet Tait, Healing Touch

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Janet Tait, Healing Touch

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