Natural Healing Centre

Natural Healing Centre
431 Whitehorse Road. Mitcham. VIC. 3132

At the Natural Healing Centre we have been helping people to regain their health and vitality for over 25 years. Our approach is simple, our methods are effective.

Specific programs, designed for the individual, integrate both classical methodologies and modern scientific practices. We will prescribe a treatment plan that will address the underlying cause of your illness or condition. Rather than simply suppressing or treating the symptoms, we treat our patients wholistically with the aim of addressing the underlying cause of the disease or condition.

To achieve this we do more than just replace drugs with natural remedies. The body is considered as a whole and any ailment or disease reflects a malfunctioning of the whole body.

Because we understand how illness and disease develop we also understand how they can be prevented and resolved.

We use non invasive procedures, preferring to tailor make a program using natural therapies such as remedial massage, correcting nutritional deficiencies and specialised dietary programs along with herbal medicine and homoeopathic prescriptions which encourage the body to activate its own inherent ability to heal itself.

The Natural Healing Centre has clinics located in both Ferny Creek and Mitcham.

03 9873 0966
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Natural Healing Centre

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