Healing Centers

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Highest Healing Bodyworks- Downtown Plymouth
Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry
Ann Arbor
Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry. Guiding Teacher is Barbara Brodsky who channels Aaron.
SUN SHEN – Mysticism for the Modern World
Ann Arbor
SUN SHEN is a School of Spiritual Development offering Mysticism for the Modern World. Founded by Master Sang Kim, a Christian Mystic and a 5th generation Yang Style Tai-Chi lineage holder in the tradition of Master Gabriel Chin, we teach a complete System of Spiritual Development integrating these traditions, which includes Meditation, Energy Cultivation and Healing, Martial Art training, self-exploration and philosophical training.
Dr. Aurore’s Health & Wellness in Birmingham, LLC
Dr. Aurore, Ayurvedic Naturopath, founder of the Aurore-Vedic Detox & Health style-It’s YOUR health, DO IT RIGHT!