Steve McCardell

Steve McCardell

Bio: Steve is a professional writer and marketer and has a background in natural health consulting. He is co-founder of the Biophysics Center and author of The Quantum Challenge. Today, Steve speaks on business trends, home business opportunities, and marketing systems as well as on natural health solutions.

Speech Topics:

An Age of Hope: Trends and Opportunities in Trying Times
This whole-day seminar takes the audience on a journey, stepping outside the fear caused by troubling times and economics to look at the bigger picture. By understanding trends and changing business models, one can not only feel hope in the midst of crisis, but can find real opportunity as well.

The seminar includes a detailed look at home business opportunities including a review of scams and problem areas and how to discover legitimate opportunities. Several specific home business opportunities are explored with detailed thoughts about the necessary modern approach to marketing and marketing systems.

Max Nutrition: Hidden Truths about Nutrition and Healthy Weight Loss
This two-hour talk covers a range of topics including why we need to supplement; the half-truths of antioxidants; nanotechnology and nutrition; and the roles of hormones and inflammation in healthy weight loss.

The talk discusses specific, “medical-grade” product solutions that are supported by double-blind clinical studies and endorsed by medical doctors, and can optionally include information about earning income from sharing the products with others.

A House Built on Rock
If you remember the old parable, a foolish man built his house on sand and a wise man built his house on rock. This holistic presentation of human biology discusses the three modern approaches to wellness: allopathic / pharmaceutical; nutritional; and quantum. And it explains how we can each build our own bodies as if the man building a house on rock.

With references to articles, experts, and scientific studies along with an available quantum technology demonstration, the talk is entertaining and enlightening. Talks can be modified for lengths of up to 2 hours.

Fees & Travel:

Because “An Age of Hope” and “Max Nutrition” involve products and business opportunities that the speaker can benefit from, Steve does not charge for these seminars at this time for any group of 15 or more. Smaller groups may incur fees.

“Max Nutrition” is also given on a monthly basis at no cost to anyone interested to attend just north of Rochester, MI. Details at

Fees for “A House Built on Rock” are $100/hour.

Travel fees for all talks are $100/hour (for actual travel time) outside the Rochester, MI area, plus a flat $1000 fee for air travel and hotel if applicable.

How to Hire:

Contact Steve through his website at

Audios / Videos:

None available at this time.

Reviews / Testimonials:

Coming soon.

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