Who Are You Really?


Who Are You Really?

Who are you? You are an eternal, remarkable, unbreakable God Being.

What are you doing here on earth? Building a body/soul to birth your Self into the world!

As an eternal God Being on earth, you have a soul, which is a body of learning that you’ve been creating for many lifetimes. It is much bigger than what you can experience at one time in your body. It contains so many skills, experiences, and abilities that you will be able to access as you are ready to use them. But like most people at this time, you probably experience yourself with limitations which are what focuses your energy into building the particular strengths, skills, and experiences that your soul has contracted to accomplish in this lifetime. As you accomplish those things, you will increasingly integrate the higher level gifts that you possess.

As you fulfill your life contracts so that you can integrate those higher levels of soul, your God Self is increasingly able to live within your experience and run your life to fulfill your greatest potential. To use a metaphor, once the vehicle is built the driver can get in and drive it. Your real self is the driver; the vehicle, your body/soul is an extension of yourself, which over time is able to ascend to a level of consciousness where oneness with you, the eternal God Being is experienced.

Looking at your life from this perspective, your body, emotions, and mind are all part of your vehicle; they are undergoing development and are limited in certain ways in order to develop the gifts that your God Being needs to possess. As those vehicles grow to fulfill their contracts, they also increasingly reveal the presence of your true self.

When you see your life from the biggest perspective, you realize that to your true self, everything that happens here is very brief. The difficulties disappear in the bigger picture and what you keep is the mastery you have gained. The difficulties then become interesting stories to share with friends and future generations. Maintaining something of this perspective makes it easier to face the difficulties of life. This isn’t a pass or fail test, it is just a step in the ongoing adventure of self expression and experience.

There will come a time for every creature in this world where all contracts for growing through restriction will be fulfilled and all forms of life will awaken to our true selves. It will be like an alarm clock going off, where folks suddenly recognize that they can move on from limitation into unity with the divine within. This is happening now for increasing numbers of people and also for other life forms as well. The awakening is scattered here and there, one from this group and two from another, etc. For those undergoing this experience there is generally an option of pushing the snooze button or of just getting out of bed, but eventually all slumbering souls will awaken and their old restrictions will begin to fall away as they increasingly discover their enlightened consciousness within. There comes a change of perspective, allowing reactions to life and choices to come from a deeper place of clarity and love.

You are probably undergoing this process to a greater or lesser degree already. You can still choose to distract yourself by continuing to identify with your old limitations, but if you are ready to accept your new experience, you can focus increasingly on that blossoming truth within.

You’ve probably already noticed an increasing sense that God isn’t far away, but right here present within you. If you want, you can extend a conscious welcome to your God Self to drive the vehicle of your life and see where it goes!

It will take time to pass over control from your limited self to your God Self, to integrate your higher consciousness and let go of old restrictions. Think of this process as driver’s education, more to educate the vehicle, than the driver in this instance! But, simply welcoming God within you into every circumstance and giving your God Being authority to work out your problems, to organize your life and affairs, to direct your emotions and your thoughts along the optimal paths for self realization is an excellent place to start! You can live this welcome to your God Self moment by moment. Or you can extend it whenever you remember that you aren’t really your body, emotions, or mind, but that you are really an Enlightened God Being waking up within your own life!

Invite God in and let go, let your higher consciousness coordinate the big stuff and enjoy being present in your life, right where you are now. It will take patience to allow life to bring together the opportunities that are right for you, but you will find that when they do come together it will be better than you could have imagined, and easier as well.

So, you see, my enlightened God Being Friends, you really are wonderful!

Eve WilsonEve Wilson, Director/creator of The Healer Development Program, a full time UCM Healer Practitioner and trainer of healers since 1986, works with a person’s aura and higher consciousness to assist their evolution and heal the cause of issues. She works actively with planetary healing and ascension. www.spiritualhealers.com, evew@spiritualhealers.com, 248-545-3928.


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