A Mother’s Intuition Leads to Life Changing Vocation


It’s funny where life takes us. Funny in the sense that we think, hmm…that’s not how I would have chosen to begin this path, but I’m grateful to be where I am.

Take Denise Egrin, for example, over a decade ago her son was diagnosed with autism. Her sense that something was amiss quickly turned into dread and disbelief. Knowing nothing about autism, she was faced with addressing his medical needs while advocating for his emotional wellbeing and continuing development.

Her first endeavor led to traditional doctors who treated autism primarily with medications that caused grave side effects, yet offered no guarantee of efficacy. Finding the traditional medical model too risky, Denise followed her intuition and sought doctors who provided holistic healing. This step was crucial to providing a natural, healthy lifestyle for her child. As heavy metal chelation, supplements and proper nutrition worked to improve his symptoms, Denise initiated ways to engage her nonverbal son. She focused on his strengths, and found ways to help him develop those strengths into skills.

In discovering her child’s strengths, Denise recognized her own. She immersed herself into holistic healing, and earned a degree in myomassology with the intention of using massage as a complimentary modality to her son’s occupational therapy. Initially, any kind of touch was intolerable due to his sensory issues. Denise incorporated body brushing and joint compressions to help build a tolerance for touch. This evolved into being able to perform a relaxing therapeutic massage which relieves overall body tension. A true breakthrough.

Equally interested in energy work and the mind, body, spirit connection, Denise also trained to become a Reiki Master. Reiki is a natural fit for massage therapy as it enhances the overall treatment. During a massage she learned to intuitively detect problem areas and send healing Reiki energy to that part of the body. By combining these skills, she found a unique way to further nurture her son.

While it’s true Denise may not have chosen autism as an impetus for her own life path, it has opened new doors. She created D’Marie Therapeutic Massage where she offers her clients the same intuitive, compassionate care she provides for her son. Her experience translates beautifully as it enables her to help other children on the autism spectrum. Denise also provides calm healing energy for frantic parents who benefit greatly from massage and Reiki.

As for Denise’s son, he found his passion, too. He plans to attend college pursuing a degree in film editing. He has earned awards from the Digital Arts, Film & Television Academy (DAFT) through the Detroit Institute of Art for his work producing and editing a PSA featuring autism. “This is where he shines,” says Denise with a smile, “he is happy and successful. We never gave up and we never settled.”

For more information on how therapeutic massage improves overall health and wellbeing, please contact Denise Egrin, Myomassologist and Reiki Master Practitioner at D’Marie Therapeutic Massage. 248.318.0125 or dmariellc@gmail.com.

Written by Kamela Torvinen


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