If the earth were only a few feet in diameter

If the earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating

a few feet above a field somewhere, people would

come from everywhere to marvel at it.

People would walk around it, marveling at its big

pools of water, its little pools and the water flowing

between the pools.

People would marvel at the bumps on it, and the

holes in it, and they would marvel at the very thin

layer of gas surrounding it and the water suspended

in the gas.

The people would marvel at all the creatures walking

around the surface of the ball, and at the creatures

in the water.

The people would declare it precious because it was

the only one, and they would protect it so that it would

not be hurt. The ball would be the greatest wonder

known, and people would come to behold it, to be

healed, to gain knowledge, to know beauty and to

wonder how it could be.

People would love it, and defend it with their lives,

because they would somehow know that their lives,

their own roundness, could be nothing without it. If

the earth were only a few feet in diameter.

Author © Joe Miller – from the book “If the earth

were only a few feet in diameter”

Joe Miller ~Moab, Utah1975


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One Response to If the earth were only a few feet in diameter

  1. J. Allen Smith August 12, 2014 at 1:43 PM

    Saw this on the wall at Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT.
    Very thought-provoking.


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