STRAYS- A woman, a dog and the timeless wisdom of nature

STRAYS- A woman, a dog and the timeless wisdom of nature

When you read a book and it brings a smile to your face you have found a good book indeed. When you read a book that brings a smile to your heart, you have found a GREAT book! STRAYS is a GREAT book!

The journey of life can take us for a ride we often want to stop when it appears we have taken a detour from our intended destination. In this novel Jeanne Webster introduces us to Jane Morgan, a young lady who seems to always fall short of her intended destinations in life. Whether it is her work or a personal relationship she is constantly “working” at, Jane is unfulfilled and unhappy. So she gives herself a month to get it all figured out and this is precisely the moment her life detours back towards her intended destination.

The life Jane experiences through her connection to the book’s other characters, brings Jane to the realization that life isn’t something to “work at” moreover life should be felt and experienced on every level whether physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. Once she accepts these truths Jane begins to accept the truth of her own life and finds her place and her purpose.

As you walk through the metaphoric experiences, ponder the deep conversations and smile at the ah-ha moments with Jane you may find yourself re-evaluating the direction in which your own life is heading which makes this not only a great book but an incredible story.

STRAYS is an incredible story which weaves the timeless wisdom of nature using the interaction of all creation’s beings to remind us that our intended destination has always been to work together as one to create and maintain a place of honor where all of Spirit’s creations can live in harmony.


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