Trust Your Body’s Power to Heal


How many of you suffer from healing fatigue? This is a common complaint of those coping with chronic illness who have grown weary of wondering what to do next. What if you were to take an active role in your quest for wellness by learning about your body’s innate ability to heal and finding out how you can create and maintain a healthy lifestyle?

For 17 years Dr. Stacey Francis, chiropractic Kinesiologist and founder of Specific Wellness, has supported her patients by being the kind of doctor who is undeterred by challenging cases.

“By the time some of my patients come to me, they have been through the holistic mill. As a result, educating them on just how brilliant their bodies are has shaped the purpose of my practice. I empower my patients by teaching them how their bodies function and to understand how disease affects them so they know what to do it when illness occurs.” explains Dr. Francis.

Dr. Francis’ practice covers the spectrum of holistic care. She utilizes her expertise in chiropractic and kinesiology (muscle testing) to perceive imbalances in the body’s three main systems: structural, biochemical and psyche. Her focus includes nutritional coaching, chiropractic care and electromagnetic healing, such as nutrition testing and allergy elimination therapies. This multi-dimensional approach takes into account the whole person and provides a specific wellness plan based on individual needs.

To be of the highest service to her patients who are faced with complex health issues, Dr. Francis stays abreast of cutting edge research and networks with other doctors in the holistic community. By sharing these discoveries through her practice, classes and workshops; she has become a vital resource for her patients and the community. Her interactive workshops incorporate essential information, a bit of entertainment and a good dose of fun creating a dynamic means of making the material accessible to everyone. Dr. Francis also encourages her patients to invite family and friends to attend as well. This provides a forum for individual patients to create his or her own network of support as they learn collectively about specific health topics.

In May 2010, the scope of her practice, as well as all chiropractors in Michigan, was broadened and she now offers various lab tests that help assess patient biochemical individualities and current nutritional needs. One such test is the Solaris Functional Metabolic Medicine Analysis which analyzes 11 different bio markers, including pH balance, oxidation levels, liver function, inflammation and more. Results from this test help Dr. Francis formulate an action plan that involves and educates the patient throughout the entire process, including lifestyle modifications, environmental alternatives, and proper food choices and, when necessary, supplements.

For more information on upcoming workshops and classes, please visit Dr. Francis’ website: for dates and times.

Contact: Stacey Francis, D.C., 20307 W. 12 Mile Road Suite 105, Southfield, MI 48076. Phone: 248.213.1332 or email:

Staff Writer: Kamela Torvinen


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