Forgiveness Moves You…


The act of forgiving frees us up to let go and move forward. I have always known this on an intellectual level but early in 2011 I learned it on a deeper heart and gut level.

This year started out the same as many others. I usually do a full inventory of my past year; accomplishments, behaviors, relationships and every aspect of my life. After doing my yearly personal inventory it was glaringly evident that I was not happy with my job and had not been for a very long time. I was making great money and had great benefits but I wasn’t fulfilled on a heart level. I wanted to quit the position I have held for over twenty years but something held me back.

I had been holding tight to this job out of what I thought was fear. Fear of financial insecurity: what else would I do in this economy, I am over fifty would anyone else hire me and on and on. I kept holding tight thinking this was a worldly issue and finally opened up to ask and let Divine in to help me with the situation.

When asking Divine for assistance I received inspirational guidance that I had unresolved resentments towards some of the people in supervisory positions at the company I was working for. I was guided to do forgiveness work surrounding the individuals and situations that I had issues with. I worked on and off for a couple of days asking for guidance and using the tools that I know of to help me to forgive all of the unresolved issues. I started to feel immediate release with most of it and as I continued the work the release continued until I felt complete.

The day after I completed the forgiveness work and experienced the release, I again thought about turning in my resignation and I no longer felt fearful. I thought about it for another day and talked to a few people that I felt would give me good advice and was able to make a heart decision to tender my resignation. The next day I wrote out a few sentences, printed out the resignation letter, walked into my manager’s office and let him know I was leaving.

My life has changed in so many ways. I am so blessed to no longer be in a situation that was not filling up my heart. I listened to my heart calling and am now able to help with a family situation that would not have been possible under the old conditions. I am working with clients to help them with healing energy and teaching them tools to use for themselves. I am so excited to wake up to see what every new day will bring as it is always something new.

Without the tools of forgiveness I might still be back in my old situation. Forgiveness sets us free!

Jules McCord


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