From Weapons to Witness: Better Health through Better Living


At first glance, Dr. Robert Carter projects a quiet, down-to-earth essence. However, as you would expect, there is more here than meets the eye. Much more.

Dr. Carter has a great back-story with all the highs and lows of a true survivor. Like many healers, Robert Carter didn’t start out in the healing arts or anything remotely similar. His background impressively includes graduating from West Point and serving in the United States Army. He also worked as an engineer in the automotive industry as well as the defense industry developing and testing weapons. It was during these high-powered working years that he suffered from kidney failure, and required a kidney transplant. He was also diagnosed with diabetes, congestive heart failure, glaucoma and hypertension. Thus began his shift from enjoying all the trappings of a successful career, to becoming a man who needed nothing more than to heal.

Upon reflection of his professional life, Dr. Carter stated, “I was successful and content, but I wasn’t me. I had to learn to let go of the status and lifestyle so I could heal. I discovered that we are all designed to be well so we have to stop putting things in the way that prevent us from being well.”

While enduring many health challenges, Dr. Carter became increasingly frustrated with western medicine. Knowing there was more to healing than drugs and surgery; he began his study of natural medicine in earnest and earned a Naturopathic Doctorate degree. He specialized in and is qualified to provide many services; however, Dr. Carter found his true calling in Body Talk™.


The BodyTalk™ System is a method of restoring the proper flow of energy throughout the body, thereby enabling the body to balance itself and heal. Based on three premises, Communication, Order and Innate wisdom (consciousness), BodyTalk™ manifests healing on all levels.

Dr. Carter uses a very specific protocol that identifies the body’s priorities for healing. Priorities are identified in the form of links. For example, some aspect of the heart may need to communicate or “be linked” to some aspect of the liver in order to facilitate healing. Through specific hand placements and using a gentle tapping method, Dr. Carter establishes “communication” between the two organs and resets the brain wave. He then taps on the heart to store the change. This raises awareness that communication must be reestablished. An “energic shift” is produced that resumes efficient communication between the heart and liver so the body can achieve optimal healing.

Through BodyTalk™ Dr. Carter has helped his patients find relief from arthritis, chronic fatigue, stress, emotional disorders, headaches, infections, pain, menstrual irregularities and digestive disorders. He’s achieved excellent results for many other conditions by listening to what his clients’ bodies are trying to tell him, and assisting them in reestablishing communication between its many systems.

Dr. Carter’s personal experience with illness provided a means for him tap into his many talents and dedicate his life to helping others improve their health. To assist you in learning more about your own healing, he offers workshops and lectures. Please see his website for more information.

Dr. Robert Carter is the owner of Perfect Circle Natural Health Services . 23023 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington, MI 48336. 248.752.2400 Email:

Staff Writer Kamela Torvinen


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