Spiritual Networking Site Elevates Dating Practices

The internet has put us in touch with the world, yet many of us are just plain lonely. Superficial relationships combined with the need to cut through the clamor of social media and balance frenetic schedules create in us a state of disharmony. So, if you find it difficult to cultivate substantial friendships, much less find your one true love, perhaps it’s your search that is defective–not you.

A refreshingly open and forward thinking woman, Naini Nakagawa had to confront her own relationship challenges. Preparing herself to give love another go, she intuitively understood there was a spiritual void in the current approach to determining authentic compatibility. To transform the parameters and paradigms of online dating, she created and launched Match My Spirit in September 2010. A website for spiritual singles and holistic networking, it is the only site that embraces all world religions and traditions aligning members with individuals who share similar spiritual beliefs. Match My Spirit opens you to a diverse community of like minded people who are committed to following a spiritual path. From meditating and holistic healing, to consulting with spiritual gurus, here you will discover others who are deeply involved in spiritual practices.

While the matching of spirituality and personality is unique, the real differentiating component of Match My Spirit is Naini herself. She provides personal consulting on all aspects of establishing a balanced, harmonious bond with potential friends, spouses or business associates. A list of 20 questions helps you consider who you are authentically as you shape your profile. Naini created the questionnaire as a tool for evaluating your life‘s ambitions, goals, values, family and spirituality. This exercise in self reflection was born out of research with spiritual organizations, therapists and psychologists, and can be accessed on her website.

Naini also developed “7 Tips for Peaceful Dating,” which is a list of essential recommendations to help you enjoy the peace of dating and avoid the drama and anxiety. Before the relationship evolves from friendship to something more, these tips serve as a primer to help keep you grounded and confident. For example, she strongly encourages removing toxic people from your life, keeping your spiritual path a top priority and building a friendship with a person of interest for at least six months before dating.

“Do not stress about finding a partner, increase your own vibration and you will attract someone who shares the same vibration,” advises Naini. “This is not a theory. I took this same approach in my own life and attracted my soulmate.”

If it’s not a soulmate you seek, keep in mind that Match My Spirit also provides an online community that connects you to over 40,000 holistic companies. This site can be your one stop reference for locating businesses that are able assist with public relations, provide referrals to alternative practitioners or match you with a new business associate.

To find out more, please visit www.matchmyspirit.com  Naini Nakagawa can be reached at [email protected] or 347.235.4111.

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About the writer: Penny Golden

Publisher of the Body Mind Spirit Guide

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  1. Anonymous December 15, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    What a fantastic idea! Naini sure has hit an untapped market. I love the feeling of this article. BMS, please assign Kamela more interviews/writing! I very much enjoy reading her pieces.


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