Polymer Clay Artist Brian Goins

“You’re in the right place for humorous, whimsical and unique art!”

So declares Brian Goins in his website profile as he describes his take on polymer clay art. A self-taught artist, Brian has created one-of-kind pieces for over 10 years. While happy to have a creative outlet and a productive means for spending his time, he felt that his art has “been on hold all my life.” Until recently. This artsy hobby has taken center stage for Brian as his unique creations are featured in four galleries throughout the metro area.

Why polymer clay? Brian explained that this pliable polymer compound is a versatile medium making it an excellent choice for his type of work. He uses an abundance of color and texture so; again, polymer clay is a favorable option as it is available in many tints and can be blended with paints to create unique color combinations. This is evident in much of his rich, earthy toned work. It can also be finished in various ways to obtain surfaces ranging from smooth to irregular. This supple clay doesn’t harden until the firing process where it becomes solid resulting in Brian’s inimitably beautiful jewelry, sculptures and wall art.

In addition to choosing a specific type of clay, Brian also found he had a penchant for all things steampunk. Why steampunk? Moreover, what is it?

“In three short words, steampunk is Victorian science fiction. Here ‘Victorian’ is not meant to indicate a specific culture, but rather references a time period and an aesthetic: the industrialized 19th century.” -Borrowed from Steampunk 101.

This industrious artist combined his interest in steampunk with his love of sculpting and created his own distinct style. From sculptures of robots, turtles and dragonflies to beautifully crafted and embellished wooden boxes, Brian uses refurbished pieces in everything he designs. Vacuum tubes, old watches, long-forgotten keys and gears are among the items combined with his clay compositions. Jewelry is also featured prominently: a belt-buckled heart pendant, a gear adorned iguana and a leather strapped seahorse round out the collection.

While there are photographs here and on his website, Brian’s artwork is best seen in person. You’ll find his work featured at Red Twig Gallery in Plymouth, Riverside Treasure Shoppe in Trenton, Sisters Art & Gifts in Westland and Maxwell’s Arts & Treasures in Garden City. It is at Maxwell’s that Brian also teaches polymer clay sculpting. He is available for commissioned work as well.

When you visit Brian’s website, polymerclaybybriangoins.com, please be sure to check out his new children’s book, “Madison Marie Goes Outside for the First Time” published by Publish America. It is also available on Amazon.

Brian can be reached at 734.326.8537 or [email protected]

Written by Kamela Torvinen

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