Improve Your Health…and Your Libido?


The Body Mind Spirit Guide first featured Surrinder Arora of Certified Energetics last August. In that issue, she shared her remarkable story describing her recovery from debilitating headaches, incapacitating fatigue and frozen shoulder. As life-altering journeys do, this experience challenged her belief system about why people don’t heal and how they can. Taking charge of her health and her life, she continued healing and learning.

As she struggled to regain her health, Surrinder also answered the call to become a certified Bowenwork Practitioner. This was a stunning turnaround since she initially and reluctantly agreed to try Bowenwork at her concerned daughter’s urging. Pleased by the considerable progress she made in a relatively short amount of time, Surrinder was hooked. Because Bowenwork induces a significant degree of relaxation and stress reduction, it prompted healing in her body where other therapies had not. Recognized as a noninvasive, holistic pain relief therapy, Bowenwork comprises a gentle touch technique on the client’s neuro-musculoskeletal framework at precise locations on muscles, tendon and ligaments resulting in deep relaxation and profound healing. Gratefully, Surrinder found relief physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

As a Bowenwork Practitioner, Surrinder is in a new phase of her journey that allows her to share this healing modality with people who also suffer from chronic illness. Each client’s success reaffirmed her conviction in Bowenwork, and in herself. She graciously shared numerous high points she experienced with clients in her practice.

An anesthesiologist who came to Surrinder shared her initial skepticism of the efficacy of Bowenwork. Despite that fact, he had run out of options enduring lifelong allergy problems and agreed to Bowenwork. After the very first session, he felt noticeably better. His breathing improved, as did his sleep patterns. He became increasingly enthusiastic regarding subsequent visits to Surrinder as each session produced better results. By the fourth visit, his allergies greatly diminished and he felt renewed energy. He also had bouts of indigestion, yet that, too, improved. Indeed his position on Bowenwork escalated from doubter to believer.

Despite everything a practitioner is taught, sometimes a client observes unexpected health improvements. Such was the case when a 74 year-old man visited Surrinder with various physical complaints. After just two Bowenwork sessions, this man began to feel better overall and had a startling report for Surrinder: increased libido! While sexual dysfunction wasn’t discussed, it appeared that he experienced this added benefit. To her surprise, Surrinder witnessed this phenomenon repeatedly. She took it all in stride feeling it was a healthy alternative to performance enhancing medications.

While results vary, clients will typically experience improved symptoms within three to five Bowenwork sessions. Since there is no better time to get started, Surrinder is offering a free first session if you schedule your first appointment before January 31, 2012. What a great way to start your New Year.

Contact: Bowenwork Energetics 23023 Orchard Lake Rd., Bldg. G, Farmington, MI 48336. 248.462.9674. or


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