Why Homepathy?


The cure of part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole. No attempt should be made to cure the body without the soul. Modernization has given us so many luxuries that we forget to be close to Mother Nature and listen to higher intelligence within our body.
Each one of us is a unique individual with a very different mental and emotional make-up, and we respond uniquely to stimulus and life circumstances. This is a very important factor to be considered when restoring health and finding solutions for physical and emotional well-being.  Homeopathy does not look at disease solely as an external entity. Instead, symptoms manifested by the body of an individual during sickness help identify a specific, custom-made remedy for that individual. It’s like purchasing a tailor-made dress, rather than buying one off the rack from the store.
Main stream systems are teaching more about the disease rather than health and much time and money are spent on diagnosing, labeling and annihilating the symptoms. For a Homeopath, these symptoms are the most important clues for discovering internal derangement and for finding the right remedy based on the principles of Homeopathy. Quite often during intense desperation and despair, the priceless fact is lost that the human body is equipped with a marvelous system of repair and self-preservation. This healing system is active throughout the lifetime of an individual and is capable of restoring one’s own rhythm and balance if given the chance.
Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and natural system of healing that is based on using minute ‘homeopathic’ doses to stimulate and encourage the natural healing systems of the body. The human body is sufficiently equipped with its own healing system that repairs and preserves the structure and functions of the body. This same healing system thus maintains a healthy and harmonious balance between mind, body and spirit. Based on this fact, Homeopathy is designed to stimulate and support this healing mechanism and help maintain health.  Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann observed that the symptoms of the body exist concurrent with an altered state of the mind during the time of an illness. When he gave a substance in a Homeopathically minute dosage based on the Law of Similar, he observed that physical symptoms disappeared as well as the symptoms of the altered state of the mind. The relief was seen at both levels with the same substance. This demonstrated that an ill person must be treated as a unit─ mind and body─ and not as a conglomeration of the parts. It also showed that when chosen correctly and applied on the basis of Law of Similar, the same substance is capable of removing the illness from all levels. This was an important discovery as it gave the fundamental basis to the holistic view of disease and health.
Over the past 200 years, Homeopathy has evolved into a widely recognized and extensively practiced system of medicine.  Homeopaths around the world continue to enhance this natural system of medicine through careful observation and research and relieve suffering for millions of people worldwide.
Homeopathic treatment is a two-fold process─constitutional for chronic complaints and acute for complaints of acute nature. Since chronic diseases develop relatively slowly over a long period of time, the recovery also takes place over a period of time. A detailed case of an individual is taken and various factors are considered to create the right Homeopathic remedy.
A few chronic diseases responding successfully to Homeopathy are: allergies, asthma, recurrent respiratory infections, ADD/ADHD, ear infections, migraines, sinus infections, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, menstrual irregularities, menopause related complaints, thyroid problems, growth disorders, chronic yeast infections, chronic and recurrent bladder infections, neuralgias, nervous disorders, depression and anxiety disorders, autism, insomnia, eczema, and obesity.
Acute complaints are also handled efficiently with Homeopathy and relief is often achieved quickly. For example, Homeopathic Apis mellifica, given for a bee sting, can take away the stinging pain and itching in a matter of minutes. Many acute remedies for cold and flu can restore an individual back to a healthy state.  Sometimes chronic cases might manifest as acute complaints, for example, each headache may seem to be a new complaint, but when the life pattern is examined carefully, the Homeopath may recognize that the headaches are actually recurring chronically. Such a situation might require an immediate remedy for the acute pain, but also a constitutional remedy to treat the underlying cause of the ongoing problem. Constitutional treatment, which can only be performed by a trained classical Homeopath, is essential for correcting the deep-seated roots of the disturbance and the tendencies toward recurring ailments.
The complete Homeopathic treatment (constitutional as well as acute) increases the level of resistance, reduces susceptibility to illnesses, prevents occurrence of severe chronic diseases and brings about a deep change in the whole person. Most of all, it brings a healthy and harmonious balance to all levels of human existence.

Monica Gurnani BHMS, CCH,RSHom(NA)


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