What You Need to Know About the Health Risks of Smart/Advanced Meters


A Smart Meter, also called an Advanced Meter, is a wireless, digital meter that transmits customer electricity use back to the power companies (DTE) using high Radio Frequency (RF) communication, the same frequency used by cell phones. Replacing analog meters, they are part of the “Smart Grid” being installed in residential and commercial properties to monitor energy use. Unfortunately, they are mini cell towers and making thousands of people sick.


Smart Meters continuously emit high levels of non-ionizing radiation and are considered by many to be a dangerous health risk. Radio Frequency readings of Smart Meters show levels up to 8 times that of an iPhone 4 and 107 times that of a laptop Wi-Fi antenna. The World Health Organization recently classified this type of radiation as a possible class 2B carcinogen, on par with lead and DDT.
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine published a recommendation for the immediate halt to the Smart Meter rollout due to the health impacts. Across the country and around the world, thousands of people are reporting symptoms such as ringing in the ears, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart problems, fatigue, chronic anxiety, joint pain, insomnia and cognitive dysfunction after these meters have been installed.
Doctors, physicists and environmental experts have been warning government and industry officials about the dangers of long term exposure including neurological diseases and cancer.  Dr. Amy Dean, D.O. President-Elect of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine in Ann Arbor says, “Many studies show low level Radio Frequency emissions like those from Smart Meters and cell phones pose a serious health risk to humans. An opt-out option is a great first step to help consumers protect their health. The AAEM has called for a moratorium on Smart Meters, which should occur in Southeast Michigan and nationwide. Independent research is needed to understand the health effects of this technology before putting the public at risk.”
DTE (Detroit Edison) claims the devices are safe, which many believe is untrue, claiming DTE does not want to stall or alter the meter rollout, a multimillion investment. DTE claims that the meters give off no more radiation than commonly used wireless electronic devices such as a cell phone, television, Wi-Fi router, microwave, and garage door opener.
Many disagree with this however, partly due to the use of antenna boosters which boost the transmission power of the meter, the direction of the meter antenna (which can be configured to transmit directly through a home) and the meter installation.  Additionally, the meters cannot be turned off, pulsating radiation into a home several times an hour, 24 hours p/day without shielding.
Although the meter itself may barely meet the highest end of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines for safe RF levels, limits which have not been updated for over 20 years, the measurement does not account for the “Smart” mesh wireless infrastructure.  Additionally, the utility companies are time averaging the RF output in order to downplay significant transmission spikes.
According to the Energy Act of 2005, residents were to be given a choice of whether to accept a wireless meter or not.  Citizens have the right to tell DTE that they do not wish to have a wireless meter installed.
“Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Your Health,” a talk by Dr. Darren Schmidt, is the first in a series of public awareness seminars to address Smart Grid issues and how they negatively impact your health, on Wednesday, May 9, at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, 114 S. Main, Ann Arbor. 734-665-2757. Presented by CHASM (Citizen Heroes Against Smart Meters) 734-277-0098.
To get on the delay/opt-out list, call 855-864-2271.


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