Are we all One?


This and 19 other equally provocative questions probe into everything you ever wanted to know about the reason for our existence, the source of our spirituality, the depth of our humanity and the root of our fears. The answers are at the heart of the independent spiritual documentary ONE The Movie. Created by trial lawyer, father and Novi, MI resident Ward Powers in the wake of the tragic and divisive events of 9-11 the movie was released in 2005.
The Journey
A filmmaking novice, Ward enlisted his family and friends to help make sense of the changing tides of our time. To begin, they tapped into the spiritually and culturally diverse folks in our own communities here in Michigan. Venturing further, they crisscrossed America using a man-on-the-street interview format posing the same 20 questions. People from all walks of life graciously and sometimes unabashedly revealed their uniquely authentic views of our world.
The focus of the interviews expanded to a beautiful band of souls who were compelled to be involved for a singular purpose: to share the simple yet profound reality of Oneness. This flow of energy attracted such luminaries as Dr. Robert Thurman, Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Father Thomas Keating, Riane Eisler, Ram Dass, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and many others.
The Message Spreads
After its first release in 2005, devoted fans of the movie helped spread the message of oneness to brothers and sisters in over 50 countries. The film has been shared in living rooms, classrooms, boardrooms, community theaters and places of worship. The continual pace of the film’s success these past seven years is a testament to human connectedness in practice.
Now in 2012, ONE The Movie is slated to be featured on Oprah’s OWN network. This exciting opportunity to achieve an even greater level of awareness has reenergized the project. Is it also a matter of divine timing? Why now and not seven years ago?
“There is significance to the timing of this partnership and the year 2012.

This is a cataclysmic time in our history,” Ward replied. “The old way of being–

separateness, ends and gives ways to a new way of being–oneness.”

OWN One Today
To celebrate its partnership with Oprah and OWN, ONE The Movie is currently available on DVD at a 50% savings. Visit the website and use the promotion code: OWN ONE. Proceeds benefit Bridgepointe, a Michigan nonprofit organization co-founded by the film’s associate producer and Ward’s wife, Diane. The organization serves approximately 4,000 families in the Detroit area by providing assistance with school, library and family issues.

Your Journey to ONEness
While One documents many points of view, the film does not provide hard and fast answers to its 20 questions. Yet, the observations shared throughout this 79-minute personal and spiritual odyssey make the viewer take pause regardless of his or her beliefs. That’s the beauty of the film. Ward puts it this way:

“The very thing the movie is intended to inspire for you is that your change of orientation came from something you felt because of the film. The journey is yours…to hold onto that space created by the magic of the film.”  

Visit to order your discounted DVD and to learn more.  Check out the Facebook page: One The Project to see interviews From The One Vault. Monthly topic for May: “The Greatest Qualities Humans Possess”

Ward & Diana Powers
Ward Powers is the Creator and Director and of ONE The Movie. He has been a practicing civil trial attorney in the State of Michigan for over 24 years. ONE is his first foray into independent filmmaking. An amateur musician, sculptor and author he has enjoyed a lifelong interest in the arts and creative expression. He lives in Novi, Michigan with his wife Diane who contributed greatly to this project.  You can contact them at:
The Law Office of Ward Powers  248-347-1700

Written by Kamela Torvinen, Silver Birch IHHC, LLC 248.231.0825


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