Strategies for Living a Balanced Life in a Busy World


A Perspective from Carole Lynn…
Dial-up Your Frequency!

Strategies for Living a Balanced Life in a Busy World

Have you ever heard the phrase “Work smarter and not harder”?  From a technological perspective, your Blackberry could be considered a great tool to help you work smarter and not harder.  It helps you accomplish what you need to get done. You can answer that important phone call you have been waiting for, access your calendar to schedule an appointment, Map Quest directions, photograph that favorite antique you want to buy, send an email to a friend, or check your bank account.
In the everyday world, technology can be a useful tool to help you work smarter and not harder. It helps you move through your day easily and efficiently.
From an energetic perspective how could this same statement support greater balance in our busy lives? It’s pretty simple. Keep this in mind…Form Follows Thought.
When you think positive thoughts you nurture and create a positive space! You are shifting your energy and the action that brings about positive outcomes on a daily basis.
That shift in positive thought, space and action dials up your vibration frequency! In turn, your vibration supports living in greater balance, peace and joy. From an energetic perspective, this “tool” helps us go with the flow rather than live with resistance and negativity.  It’s the energetic key to working smarter and not harder!
Yes, yes, I know that at times getting started can be a challenge. However, once you shift just one thought from a negative to a positive you are on the right track! Remember, Form Follows Thought. Shifting our negative thinking can provide us the opportunity for growth.
We are now in the beautiful month of May. The sun is shining and spring is here. Get outside and walk your local nature trail, ride the bike path or work in the garden. While you are soaking up the sun’s beautiful energy, thinking positive thoughts and physically moving, you are dialing up your vibration frequency! Before you know it, you are creating, living and maintaining the positive energetic space that supports greater balance, peace and joy in your life.
You will live life from a positive perspective, feel happier and be more present with those you love…so get going and Dial-up Your Frequency!
Carole Lynn Hovsepian

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Carole Lynn Hovsepian is certified in Angel Healing & Guided Messages and is an accomplished Usui Reiki Master and Medium. Client's can expect clarity, energetic balance and next steps to support their life path journey. Carole completed her certifications in Reiki and Mediumship with Rev. Penny J. Weaver and Angel Healing & Guided Messages with Nancy Gerlach-Roberts. Carole has had a life-long career in education and in helping others. She is a graduate of U of M, WSU and completed post graduate work at SVSU. To schedule an appointment in West Bloomfield area please contact Carole at 313.929.3543.


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