Take a Trip, Clean Up, Clear Out…



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Take a Trip, Clean Up, Clear Out…

 Strategies for Living a Balanced Life in a Busy World

Well, here we are in the lovely month of June! The school year is coming to a close and summer vacation for most kids is right around the corner.

Whether you have the luxury of planning your vacation during the summer months to rest, relax and revitalize with your family; or recall those lazy days of summer when you were young…the reminiscence of summer’s past or anticipation of summer 2012 can bring about a smile and as well as the opportunity for personal growth.

Reflecting back on all the summer trips I took with my parents and sister still brings a smile to my face and a feeling of joy and gratitude for all those family adventures! The people I met and the places I visited enriched and enhanced my view of the world and my sense of self.

I couldn’t wait to come home and share with my cousins and friends all the interesting places we had seen and things we did. Even at a young age I knew that our family summer adventure had shifted my view and perspective of the world in a positive way.

Your Strategy for Summer 2012 is simple…take a trip! Whether you plan a long or short excursion, the experience will refresh, revitalize and shift your energy and perspective on life. You’ll return home ready to take on everyday life with a new sense of self and vitality.

So, maybe the budget this summer doesn’t allow for a road trip? How about a project or two around the house? Clearing out, cleaning up and enhancing your physical space can be an effective, helpful strategy for living a balanced life in a busy world.

I recall during the winter months my parent’s would plan not only our summer vacation but summer projects around the house…clean-up, decorate, paint or landscape. Not only did we have fun (helping my Dad paint or garden), but we all felt a sense of accomplishment. The house looked great and felt fresh and new.

It doesn’t matter where you live or how big or little your space is. When you shift and release the “stuff” in your space you create a fresh, peaceful environment to live in.

When you live in a peaceful, calm, organized space, you nurture and support the vibration of living a non-cluttered life. The peaceful, balanced energy of your physical space actually refreshes and supports your energetic vibration.

So whether you take a trip to shift your energy and nurture a new perspective on life, or shift your physical space by clearing out and getting organized; you send a message to the universe that you are ready for new and wonderful outcomes to manifest and support your life path journey.

So get going…take a trip, clean up, clear out and make room for you. You’ll feel great and be happier for it…Many Blessings!


Carole Lynn Hovsepian

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Carole Lynn Hovsepian is certified in Angel Healing & Guided Messages and is an accomplished Usui Reiki Master and Medium. Client's can expect clarity, energetic balance and next steps to support their life path journey. Carole completed her certifications in Reiki and Mediumship with Rev. Penny J. Weaver and Angel Healing & Guided Messages with Nancy Gerlach-Roberts. Carole has had a life-long career in education and in helping others. She is a graduate of U of M, WSU and completed post graduate work at SVSU. To schedule an appointment in West Bloomfield area please contact Carole at 313.929.3543.


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