Holiday Food Survival Guide


Our ancestors figured out how to survive through feast, famine, and everything in between. We are living testimony to their success. But these days just getting through the holidays in one piece can challenge anyone’s survival skills! Indulging in cultural or social traditions that are, shall we say, less than healthy may result in health repercussions that may or may not be immediate. And even people who know which foods are safe to eat and which ones are best avoided must figure out how to survive the holidays without offending anyone.


Have you thought about your strategy? Will you plead ill, unable to consume any food? Will you blame me or Dr. Oz for picking only the foods you feel are safe and avoiding the others? Do you know how many pickles and olives it takes to make a meal? (A rhetorical question.) So what will you do?

My suggestion is to put your existing knowledge to work. When you’re at your festivities, remember why you’re really there and that you can deal with most of your food repercussions later. Just go easy on the things you know to be most harmful and know that many of the foods you react negatively to can vary from time to time, as well as from individual to individual. What may not be good for you may be alright for someone else depending upon their state of health. Some people primarily have trouble digesting fats, others proteins or sugars, and some people have trouble digesting everything.
If you overeat or get indigestion, a natural digestive aid taken with meals or shortly afterwards helps digest foreign foods more effectively. Besides helping you feel better sooner, complete digestion is much better than allowing food to sit in your digestive tract, which often leads to other problems. I recommend a specific form of hydrochloric acid, such as Zypan made by Standard Process, or betaine hydrochloride if you are a vegetarian. Raw honey, apple cider vinegar, and digestive enzymes also aid digestion. (If you take the purple pill because of digestive woes, plan to see me after the holidays as you’re probably not absorbing much of the nutrition from your food which may create major problems for you later on.)

Encountering MSG or monosodium glutamate in holiday foods can be a big problem for most people. MSG is a flavor enhancer, more accurately defined as an exciter toxin. Exciter toxins take any quality of food and fool you into believing it tastes so great that you can hardly stop eating even when you’re full. It excites your nerve cells to the point they explode. This effect can be countered somewhat by preemptively taking Magnesium lactate. This works best if taken before the meal, although taken afterwards still helps.

Almost all processed foods contain corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a chemical nightmare which creates problems too numerable to list. An antidote for HFCS is Celtic sea salt as it can provide this simple sugar with the minerals it needs to reconstitute itself. If you don’t provide these missing minerals, the high fructose corn syrup will steal minerals from every old injury you’ve ever had, thus creating more damage and often making you hurt. Two of the B vitamins, Inositol and Choline, can also help control the sugar inflow into your cells.

Many people have difficulty digesting fats due to sluggish gall bladders. If this sounds familiar, the addition of bile salts will help you digest the fats in your food, usually eliminating any embarrassing belching. Supplements that contain bile salts and Collinsonia root aid the breakdown of the fat in addition to strengthening the veins and arteries which help handle the extra pressures exerted during the processing of these food types.
If you consume alcohol for taste or for social reasons but prefer to feel less of an effect from the alcohol, ingesting free fatty acids may be helpful. But remember that it’s still not healthy to overindulge in alcohol no matter what the reason. There’s nothing worse than an avoidable disaster, especially during the holidays.

Many people experience headaches from overindulgence, although even these headaches are most often caused by dehydration. Starting with this holiday season, plan to drink a proper amount of spring or filtered water every day. Another cause of headaches is a congested liver due to venous back pressure, so cleaning and feeding your filter organs is helpful. The filter organs are the liver, kidneys, and the gall bladder. The general stress of the holidays, no matter how happy, puts a load on your adrenal glands so feed and care for them as well; they will suffer with too little sleep and too much merriment.

If you’re exposed to smoke over the holidays, the best defense is a detoxifying ionic foot bath followed by a supplemental chelator to help remove dangerous metals and other toxins. If you’ll be on a plane over the holidays going through different time zones, a form of ribonucleic acid may help you thwart jet lag. A beneficial side effect of this natural substance is that it may help in balancing your hormones, and help improve both memory and balance. Taking a preemptive dose of a supplement to fortify your immune system such as Virx by Nutri-west will also help prevent catching cold or flu due to the stress of travel.

These are just a few of the many solutions to help you enjoy safe and healthy holidays. Eating well is a journey, not a destination. Everyone has traveled different distances on the path to wellness. During the holidays as well as any other time, remember not to chastise those behind you just as you would want those ahead of you to grant you the same courtesy.

If you’d like to learn more natural strategies for achieving optimal wellness, tips on finding the healthiest foods, and what to do if you consume unhealthy foods, Contact Dr. Karl for more information.


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