A Spring Meditation for You


With the first day of spring, it’s a great time to gather your ideas from winter and start planting them so they can blossom. Now that it’s getting warmer – go outside and meditate. Spend time with the earth and enjoy the new life popping up all around you.

STONES that aid in season transition are yellow calcites which activate our chakras and the spontaneity to be our true selves in original perfection. Peridot ignites heart and solar plexus chakras with healing and growth, plus it helps us recognize our detrimental patterns while inspiring happiness and body rejuvenation. Turquoise brings visions of working toward wholeness. It’s grounding, protective, balancing male and female while enhancing psychic powers. Turquoise is a master healer with purifying energies bringing forth wisdom, trust and kindness.

Goal Exercise:
Here’s a fun way to manifest while gardening.
1. Buy seeds to plant.
2. Make a list of your goals using single key words; Travel, promotion, excellent health or prosperity.
3. From your goal list, name each seed. Hold it in your hands, visualize your desired outcome, give the seed energy, and thank it.
4. As your seed sprouts and grows – visualize yourself taking the steps you need to bring your own goal to fruition.

Stone layout for Meditation:
This crystal healing array can be used for 10-15 minutes to help rejuvenate, energize and balance all the chakras and subtle energy fields.
1. Lay down in a quiet, comfortable place.
2. Take three deep breaths, focusing on the here and now.
3. Lay the yellow calcite on your crown chakra, the turquoise on your third eye chakra and the peridot on your heart chakra.
4. Meditate.
5. After your mind is clear, visualize yourself achieving your goals.
6. Before rising, express gratitude for this time of healing. Remove the stones.

Record any experience you have seen heard or felt. This Crystal healing array can be practiced once daily. Enjoy!

Jennifer VanderWal


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