Unseen Energetic Boundaries and Healing our Relationships


Decades ago the idea and language of setting boundaries entered into the American Lexicon and consciousness. Popular books promoted the idea of emotional self-protection and limit setting in relationships. In Embodied Practice understanding, a boundary is not a cognitive idea nor is it defined by our words or actions. It is an energetic container, enclosing our personal space, our electromagnetic field. This field, commonly called an aura, is generated by our vascular, or circulatory system. This flow charges the field, creating a true energetic boundary, extending out 18-20 inches from the body: in the front, back, above the head and below the feet, and out to each side. To have a truly effective boundary, one must also charge the breath of life, which charges the outside of the aura.

The lined and defined outside perimeter of our field is the first energetic interface with the world. So, for example if we tend to absorb other people’s moods, their anxiety or grief, a well-defined field would block their energy from entering our space. Similarly, if we tend to be uncontained, offering unwanted suggestions, sharing unwelcome information or opinions, leaking our anxiety or other emotions and intruding into other people’s space, then a well-defined outside edge of our aural field, will support us in staying contained.

When even one person in a relationship can maintain a well-defined outside edge of their electromagnetic field, relationships conflicts often begin to heal. In embodied understanding, all things are created first in energetic form. Boundaries organically emerge from this contained state: words and actions naturally flow out that keep us contained-not overtaken or misused by others, not spilling our energy and emotions onto them; nor absorbing theirs.

The ability to sense and contain our energy is one energetic position of humans, which thousands of years ago ceased to be consistently passed down from one generation to the next. In Embodied Practice, students regain the skills and abilities to sense, move and contain their own energy. They strengthen the containment of their electromagnetic field, the energetic birthplace of boundaries through the practice.

Many Embodied Practice students find their relationships at home and work transform as they gain the energetic skills to strengthen the boundaries of their electromagnetic field. One student, we’ll call Anna, found her relationships transforming as she gained embodied skills.

Anna ‘s lack of containment with her teenaged children, offering streams of unsolicited advice and comments on their lives, leaking her anxiety into their energetic spaces, left them angry and irritated with her. They found continual fault with what she did and said. They withdrew into their rooms, immersing in their i-pods and cell phones.

Occasionally, forceful and loud arguments erupted. They expressed contempt, instead of gratitude. She absorbed this into her energy system. The grief and anxiety this created for her, spilled out onto them. Without the ability to sense where her energy field ended and theirs began, she intruded and bludgeoned into their electromagnetic fields. They were attempting to keep her energy out of their fields, so they could sense, and define themselves, but without the energetic skills to do so, they resorted to closing her out and shutting her down.

Anna’s Embodied Practice supported her in energetically charge of the outside perimeter of her aural field, making it less permeable, and so she leaked less of her emotions onto her children. As she gained skill in containing her energy, and ultimately how to move in pulsating rhythm with her children, their anger and irritation began to subside. When conflict did arise, she no longer absorbed their words or energy. Not having to work so hard to push her energetically away, they opened more, their electromagnetic field pulsated in closer rhythm with hers. In Embodied knowing, this pulsation is the basis of deeply satisfying relationships.

Below, Kiera D. Laike, IRW, Interrelated Realm Walker, and founder of the Embodied Practice, delves into the interrelatedness of our energetic containers and the functions our heart and vascular systems. “In Embodied Practice we hold a functional knowing of one of our energetic containers: the electromagnetic field of the heart, commonly referred to as the aura. Our electromagnetic field is generated by the iron in our blood flowing in a circular pattern through the human vascular system. Our electromagnetic field of the heart functions and performs like all electromagnetic fields. It has strength and, when defined, charged, and contained in a rhythm it functions to open and close portal communication, via a fully-charged outside line of the aura through the breath of life. When not charged or contained, the function and structure of the aura are determined by the function or dysfunction of the person as described in this article.

This aural relationship is one of the many energetic functions of our human mechanisms of transferring energy which underlie our energetic experience in our relationships. I brought Embodied Practice into being as a healing mechanism for people to be able to develop their energetic containers and much more.”

Abbe J. Grossman, MA


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