Giving Thanks


At this time of year we give thanks for family, friends, good food, and what we have. Relationships, by far, are the most important thing we are thankful for, compared to our possessions. What makes relationships so special is how they help those involved in the relationship to grow as people.

Life revolves around this concept of help. Everything we do effects someone or something in one way or another. Just as the sun helps create life by warming the planet, creating day and night, and growing vegetation to eat and plants to use as herbs to improve health, it helps in the same way that we help each other.

The desire to help others is instinctive, yet there are different types of help. A job helps both the worker and the employer. A smile helps brighten someone else’s day. When a compliment is given, it instills confidence and strength in the receiver. An act of kindness benefits both the doer and the receiver. In actuality, the desire of most people is to help others in some way, even if there is no direct acknowledgment from the one being helped.

Everyone can take action to help another, as we all have different skills and abilities to help. Different ways people help are by teaching, crafting, staying at home to raise children, caring for elder parents, working different types of jobs, sharing information with others, donating time, money and/or assistance, helping health improve etc.

During the holiday season find ways to help another. Some simple ideas include helping our troops by giving thanks to those who serve our country, holding a door open for another person, and smiling at someone you do not know. Every act of kindness helps another. You never know whose life you will change or save, by taking a small action that helps another.

As a holistic chiropractic physician, I am thankful that I can help others by providing them with the needed tools to help their body repair. People who are tired and don’t feel well look for help to overcome their health challenges. By helping discover hidden immune issues or food allergies in babies, children and adults, I am able to help them, and change their life for the better.

I help people create wellness and better health with simple diet and lifestyle changes, and by assessing and providing support for their nutritional deficiencies. By determining the exact toxin(s) that are interfering with healthy body function, and finding the specific antidote to help neutralize and handle the toxin(s), I am able to help people regain a more energized and better functioning body.

Life is most rewarding when we help others. The greatest joy in life is the knowledge and pleasure we experience by helping one another. Help others in your own unique way this holiday season, and receive their gift of thanks in return, and the inner peace of helping another and changing a life.

By Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, BS, DC, ND


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