Soul Satisfaction and the Healing of Relationships


“Embodied Practice awakens us to our pulse relationship with the very essence of our soul. Awakening, we know our longing for the rhythm of the tides, the cycles of the moon or the longing to feel the heartbeat of our lover. Embodied Practice brings a distinct knowing of the essence of our soul, as organized photon light, providing the mechanism for the organized light to return to pulse relationship with the soul.”

Kiera D. Laike, IRW, creator of Embodied Practice

Pulsation is the natural rhythm of life. The tides pulse, the moon pulses and our cells pulse. A baby pulses out longing for the heartbeat of the mother, a lover pulses out to meet a beloved. Living organisms communicate through this pulsation. Our soul essence sphere pulses out, allowing us to “meet” others, to truly sense, see and know their essence – satisfying a deeply rooted longing to be met, creating healing for ourselves and others, which forms the energetic basis of deeply fulfilling relationships.

Embodied Practice first re-establishes our soul essence energy and our pulse connection within a small sphere in the physical center of our head. The physical center of our head is located right above the third ventricle, one of the main waterbeds of the brain and a part of the hypothalamus pituitary axes. We activate the healing pulsation of the soul essence sphere in an Embodied Practice class or healing session. Having this soul essence sphere pulsing and communicating in the center of our heads accelerates our ability to sense and see the energy behind people and relationships. This is the mechanism that allows mothers to know when their out-of-state children are in trouble.

Some things can never be cognitively understood; they must be experienced in the body. Healing relationships and creating soul satisfaction through our soul essence pulsation are most definitely among them. To help the reader bridge this gap, I share a few personal experiences with the power of soul essence pulse.

For example, after a year on a committee that had never felt warm or welcoming to me, I began, early one morning, working with pulsing out, from my soul essence to “meet” each group member —essentially greeting and acknowledging the essence of each individual. Later that day, upon entering the meeting room, warm welcomes awaited me – eyes lit up as they saw me enter, conversations paused as people turned to say “hello” – a deeply satisfying moment which emerged from my soul essence pulsation.

Eight years ago, in my first class with Kiera Laike, IRW, I learned to call back the container, or soul essence sphere, for the photon light particles of my soul essence. This container connected me to one of the most basic of all healing rhythms – pulsation. It opened communication with my essence, the healing information from Earth’s mantle, the electromagnetic fields and ultimately with what scientists call the Dark Matter of the Universe. I learned to “talk” to the soul essence of my students, clients, family and friends. As their essence is greeted and met by mine, a pulsating communication opens. Healing emerges out of these communications that would not otherwise have been possible, now move me daily in a pulse relationship that is beyond words.

Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CP, CET


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