Inspired By The Angels


310713_589310261087230_1446221933_nOne of the greatest things we can gain through the loss of someone, is newfound inspiration, and this is exactly what occurred at Mama Tracy Inc.

Mama Tracy Inc. is a new metaphysical store located in Dearborn Heights, MI having only been open since January of 2013. They offer a very eclectic environment combined with several of their handmade product lines.
After suffering the loss of one of their own, a client and friend, Judy, both owners Courtney and Tracy felt the urge to find a way to memorialize and show great love for a woman that has had their backs for years. “Judy was a wall fixture.” says owner Courtney. “She was always visiting and helping us in the store, she supported what we did and encouraged not only Tracy and I, but our whole staff to be positive, and rise to our full potential. She truly was an inspiration and an angel.”

Judy left a deep impact on Mama Tracy Inc. and the whole staff felt that way. Her life was lost in April due to a tragic car accident on I-94 that made the local news cringe and practically shut down the highway for several hours.
“The loss hit us hard. We found out only an hour before we were scheduled to hold one of our mediumship events. The whole staff was in shock. We all felt something was off that week but really had no idea that this is what it would amount too.” says owner Tracy.

After the storm comes a great calm though and owner Courtney felt not only the presence of Judy in the store but felt that there was a way to share her with everyone and so Mama Tracy Inc. did by introducing their own Angel candle kit line.

The Angel candle kit line consists of seven different candle kits based on seven of the archangels: Jophiel, Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, Metatron, Zadkiel, and Raphael. All of the candles are handmade by Gabriel’s Garden and are infused with specific energy to help you connect to an angel and help you gain the answers and manifestations you are looking for. The Mojo in each kit is handmade by Mama Tracy Inc. and infused with the same potent angel energy. The Mojo consists of natural herbs and essential oils. All of the kits are easy to use, come with their own directions, are affordable, and ready to work, according to both owners at Mama Tracy Inc.

“This was our way of sharing Judy with everyone, and the whole staff pitched in to help make this line possible in one way or another, whether it was bagging the Mojo or helping with the concepts. One of our staff, Sherry, helped a great deal on the line so we also dedicated it to her as well. Without her help, we would have never been able to make the line what it is and we are grateful to her and Judy for that.” Courtney said.

Mama Tracy Inc.’s Angel candle kit line is a unique way to touch the hearts and minds of people in the community. It is a way to offer faith when it is down and inspiration when suffering through grief. It truly is a beautiful line of products and they all smell great and if you have the time to visit Mama Tracy Inc. pick one up, enjoy the scent, and let the calm, peace and Angels wash over you.

If you are interested in carrying any of Mama Tracy’s Products, please contact us at The Angel Line, as well as other products are available for wholesale.


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