4 Ingredients for a Healthy You


In today’s society we are bombarded with how to be healthy from TV ads, magazines, billboards and the trusty old internet. We are told to eat organic, don’t eat red meat, stay away from fats, eat low Carb foods, eat eggs–don’t eat eggs etc. Then, if you add the weight loss products and what to eat and what not to eat to lose weight, your head will explode from all the data. No wonder we are all confused!

There are only 4 ingredients to a healthy you: Relaxation, Movement, Sleep, and Nutritious Food. Sounds simple, right? However, most people do not have all four ingredients in balance every day; they may have two or three but not all four.

In today’s fast-paced society stress is the number one ingredient on our plates that consumes and takes over our mind, body and spirit. Stress causes exhaustion, anxiety, frustration, depression, hormonal imbalances, increased belly fat, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, a disconnect to passions, people, goals, dreams, and forward movement in life.

Relaxation is an ingredient that can bring peace, calmness, energy, revitalization, an optimal functioning body, connection to life, and the ability to be present and centered. A few tools to create more relaxation in your life are increased movement, meditation, prayer, reading a book, being in nature, and spending time with positive people. Begin by incorporating 10 to 15 minutes a day and increase as needed with a relaxation tool that works for you.

People today have become couch potatoes or computer junkies. Movement is the key to remain young and full of energy. Movement involves any activity that works the body. Movement can be gardening and lawn beautifying, walking in nature, visiting a friend, bike riding, going to the park with the kids, and many other activities. Each day before you retire to passive activity such as TV or a computer, work into your schedule at least 30 minutes of movement.

Are you sleeping well? Do you get enough sleep? Are you hitting the snooze over and over? The golden rule for enough sleep is when you wake up on your own without an alarm clock; otherwise, you’re probably having a sleep debt. While you sleep your body, mind and spirit begin to cleanse and detox from toxins of the day, heal, and relax. Each night strive for 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Turn the TV/ computer off one hour before going to bed. Take this time to read a book, listen to a relaxing tape, create a to-do list for the next day, and just be focused in the present moment.

What is nutritious food? Our food industry has placed so many chemicals and preservatives in our foods that you may think you are eating nutritious food but really you are not. So what can you do? A few tools to nourish our bodies would be to buy local, eat organic, buy fresh, eat a variety of different foods, balance the nutrients, scratch cook, experiment with new foods, and grow your own foods. Begin to read labels; if the ingredient isn’t a food don’t eat the product. One big tool: stay hydrated with water; drink half your body weight in ounces. Baby steps are the key to eating healthy so each week incorporate a few of the mentioned tools and see how you feel.

Strive to balance the 4 ingredients and a healthy you will begin to show. If you are not in balance life will be filled with stress, sickness, disconnect, and unfulfillment. Connecting with a Wellness Coach can help you achieve balance with the 4 ingredients and a healthy you.

Amanda Dulac RD, MBA,

Amanda DuLac RD, MBA, Founder of Positive Health Dimensions in Livonia, MI, is a certified Wellness/Spiritual Coach, and Registered Dietitian. She has a passion to empower others to achieve balance and increased well-being through coaching and positive reinforcement. Call: 248-231-3178 or email: contact@pHealthd.com


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