The Games We Play


As I was driving the other day, I noticed a police officer pulling over a car. I wasn’t sure why, and it didn’t really matter, but I began to think how we play games in life and traffic is one of them.

We become players as we get into our cars. The number of players at any given time depends on the traffic. In the game of traffic, we need to be aware of the other players and what they are doing.

When we choose to play this game, we are aware of the rules and regulations we have to follow as we play. There are speed limits that change depending on the road we are traveling. There are signs we must read as we are driving to determine whether we can pass another player or turn on a red light. We even have cars that are equipped with gauges that help us play the game, such as blinkers and speedometers.

There are police officers and judges that are our officials in the game of traffic. The officials are there to make sure we, as players, are following the rules and regulations of the road to ensure that the game is played safely and correctly. If we choose to follow the rules and regulations we have little contact with the officials of the game and can continue to our destinations.

In the game of Monopoly, you can earn money, pay money, or go to jail based on the rules of the game. The same is true for the game of traffic. If we follow the rules and regulations of the game of traffic, then we can continue to play with low insurance rates. If we decide not to follow the rules, then we might have the penalties of paying fines, getting into accidents, or going to jail.

The difference between the games of Monopoly and Traffic is that we can play the game of Traffic consciously and choose whether we get rewards or penalties. That’s right, we get to choose. If you choose not to follow the speed limit rule and are pulled over by an official, then you need to accept the warning or ticket without resentment; accept it as it is. If you then decide you didn’t care for that penalty, you have the choice to follow the rules and regulations next time you get into a car.

There are many games that we play in life, not just traffic. What about the game of business? You are either the player or the official, depending on the situation. There are rules and regulations you have to follow in order for your business to work and there are rewards and penalties that are associated with the business, such as keeping your job, receiving a paycheck, getting a raise, or losing some or all of what you have established.

What about the game of school? Home? Relationships? In the game of relationships, people are not always aware of the rules and regulations. Sometimes, two people will enter a relationship and they have different rules and regulations brought about by their life experiences and backgrounds. Would you enter your car without knowing the rules of the road? Why do we enter relationships without knowing the rules? In order to play a game in life consciously and without resentment, we need to know the rules and regulations.

Can you imagine all of the cars on the road with no rules? What about running your home and raising your children without rules? Rules and regulations are necessary because we live in a conditioned world. Our job is to be conscious about the games we play and to play those games to the best of our ability without resentment.
It’s your life; take control of it!

Sharon Fortier is a practicing elementary educator. She received her Masters in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College. Sharon has been a graduate of the Dynamic Living Process since 2004 and is currently studying to be an instructor of the Dynamic Living Process. She is currently the Secretary for the International Center for Personal Development.
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