Clear, high-level and accurate intuitive information is the desired goal, wouldn’t you agree? One can reach a level of mastery wherein they will only use their spiritual/intuitive abilities for the highest good of all concerned; in this case, ego involvement is no longer a factor that distracts from the purity of the message.

It is important that students are made aware of the downfalls of bringing their ego into the intuitive process and learn how to serve only in the highest and best way.

How Ego Interferes With Intuition
Intuition and ego run on different tracks. When the ego is involved, intuition is not as strong and pure. Messages from high-level sources become clouded when one’s ego wants the reader or recipient to be recognized as special. We are all special, but not more special than others.

The ego is rooted in fear, rather than love. It is insecure and seeks external validation. It is dedicated to being right and wants its human to be seen as the best, the most lovable, smartest, strongest, most successful…. absolutely more wonderful than most others. It wants its person to stand out in a crowd. And when things get out of control, the ego likes to blame other people or situations for the problem rather than accepting personal responsibility.

Flattery or Scolding
Flattery or rebukes from a psychic/intuitive reader are evidence of an ego-sourced message. An ego-driven communication compares the recipient with others, for better or worse. The message is either that the receiver is better than someone else, or not quite good enough.

* If a psychic tells a person he or she were some great person in a past life, or more perfect than others, that isn’t a true statement nor a message of pure love.
* If a reader brings through a message that makes someone feel bad about who they are, this is not based on pure love either.

A Reading Based on Unconditional Love
Trust your heart about information given to you in a reading. If the information feels good in your heart and is based on unconditional love, you will feel empowered, supported and loved. You will gain insights and clarity on important matters. Ego stroking or reproach won’t be involved.

When one has a tendency to use their intuitive/psychic gift for anything less than unadulterated love, you will feel it. You will sense that he or she is incapable of doing intuitive readings and instead wants to gain power and control over you, or prove how superior he or she is.

Don’t Go There!
Perhaps you have heard stories about psychics who tell someone they have a really dark aura and need to pay the psychic large amounts of money to clear their energy field or terrible things will happen. If you have a reading like this, run! Their message is just a ploy to take money from you and won’t result in anything that is promised. This is an extreme example of someone who uses fear to manipulate people to gain power over them.

Your Heart Really Does Know
You can trust your heart to let you know if an intuitive/psychic message is accurate. You won’t feel confused, put down, or elevated beyond others. You will feel excited, pleased, and peaceful. You will gain clarity and empowerment on issues.

Shala Kilmer

Since 1991, Shala has been an intuition coach and mentor, conducting trainings to help people develop their intuitive/psychic gifts. Opt-in to for a Free Gift and check out the information about “Intuition Ignition Weekend” at Song of the Morning in Vanderbilt. Contact Shala about upcoming classes or for an inspiring, accurate reading at 702.280.8854 or


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