It’s a boy! And what a baby! He is heir to the British throne. He and his illustrious parents, William and Kate, have inspired royal watching to a whole new level. As a numerologist, I was naturally curious about the numbers of this famous tiny tot. The initial challenge was determining his last name; royals do not actually have last names. They often, however, take the location of their title as a last name. Thus, I determined that the full name of this famous baby is George Alexander Louis Cambridge, and this article uses this name, plus his birth date, July 22, 2013.

First, his Life Path–8, indicates he is to learn the satisfaction of the material world. This is not surprising, since he has been born into royal wealth and national expectation. Born on the 22nd, a small but important percentage of his Life Path is modified by the Master Number of 22. Master numbers indicate great potential; although not always achievable, in this case, I think it is. The lesson of the 22 is Master Builder, thus while little George is growing up surrounded by material wealth, he also will find himself wanting to build on the legacy of his parents and his nation. This bodes great possibilities and big shoes with the potential for accomplishing great things on behalf of his royal family and country.

His Expression, also a Master Number, resonates to the number 11, key word: Illumination. George should be a role model and inspirational figure for his people. He will probably experience a certain nervous tension since the two Master Numbers indicate high levels of awareness. He will be a keen child who doesn’t miss much of what is going on around him. Sometimes this awareness of energies, both seen and unseen, can be overwhelming, thus the attenuating nervous energy. People will look upon him as someone special, someone to follow and believe in; this may weigh on him.

George has a 6 Soul Urge. The lesson is Family Responsibilities. He will be motivated internally to meet these responsibilities, and if he tries to avoid them he will encounter obstacles. His family includes the entire nation of Great Britain. He will encounter situations that will require him to put the good of the family before his own needs. A modifier called “Intensity Points” indicates that he will be accustomed to having his own needs met. This may produce some conflicts. For example, as a growing boy he may chafe at the responsibilities and the ways in which they might interfere with getting his personal needs met. He may pull at the yoke of the royal requirements until he is mature enough to accept their inevitability.

Other Intensity Points indicate that George will be a creative child, perhaps given to gifts of speaking, writing, singing and other artistic endeavors. He will have many opportunities to spread his joy to many people. He will also be a detail oriented child and grow to become someone who is capable of much hard, organized work, which should serve his country well. Of special note, he is an old soul who has been around in previous lifetimes. He will require a fair amount of time to himself, probably dealing with the fallout from his tightly regimented royal life. Science or metaphysics may be a large part of his interests. In any case, he will want to be alone often. Rest, contemplation and retreat will be a hallmark of his needs regardless of how he expresses his personality to the public, or to his close family and associates. As a child, he may experience being dominated by the life around him.

The Prime Intensifier is an important modifier and resonates to 9. Key words: Selfless Humanitarian. His potential for taking care of his subjects as he grows into his royal destiny is really quite grand. He may be a humanitarian on a very large scale, certainly on behalf of his kingdom. The flip side of having a lot of 9 energy is that the possibilities exist, certainly early in life, that he will be focused too much on himself, and there may be an obstacle of selfishness he will need to overcome before he is mature enough to rally the energy for the public good.

To sum up, George Alexander Louis Cambridge has all the makings of a potentially great king some day…love and responsibilities toward family and country, every conceivable material need will be met, ability to enlighten and inspire others and the potential to do truly great things– from writing poetry to establishing real benefits for the people who will someday call him King.
It will be interesting to follow the life of this lad and see how he turns out!

Bio: Frannie Rose Goldstein is a life long, respected numerologist. For information on ordering a numerology report for yourself or as a holiday gift, or call 248 252 0373.


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