Point of Origin of Change


Some of you may have used or are familiar with the theories that we create deep and permanent change through shifting our thoughts. For some of you this has worked, and you may not want to read further. For others, like myself, using that theory provided no satisfactory results. Through a long struggle to create change in my own life, I have been transformed by a new understanding from my teacher Kiera D Laike, IRW. She has brought a deep awakening to what she calls, “point of origin” to me and others.

Point of origin is the unseen beginning of what is created. Everything we create and experience has it’s own point of origin. I have learned through Embodied Practice to work from this deep level with myself and clients.

“Thoughts are the end results of a complex mixture of neurotransmitters, prefrontal lobe perception, the relationship of the glia cells in the brain to the vortexes in the body, and our ability to work with and utilize energetic containers. To work to change thoughts without supporting all of the above is to leave us struggling to change.” Kiera D. Laike, IRW

To support you in understanding Kiera’s quote about the energetic mechanisms of change, I want to share one of my client’s experiences.

Alana’s experience as an elementary school teacher shows the effectiveness of locating the point of origin in relationship issues. She had a few out-of-control, troubled young students. In addition, the children as a group often actively ignored her instructions. Unsuccessfully trying one classroom management technique after another, she resigned herself to this. An underlying chaos often threatened to overtake the room. One day, while volunteering in her room, I directed the children as they divided into groups. I used Embodied energetic skills, including staying grounded to Earth, energetically grounding the classroom, activating the vibrational energy in my throat before I spoke, and pulsing with their energy through my contained electromagnetic field of energy. They immediately settled down, listened and followed instructions. Alana, was very interested to understand the mechanisms I used.

She came for Embodied Practice classes and healings, and strengthened her energy system and skills. Alana came to understand that ungrounded energy in herself and in the classroom was one of the point of origins of the unruly behavior. She learned to stay consistently grounded, to contain her energetic field and ground the room, and speak from a different vibration. She called me one day, pleased to report that the children immediately quieted and followed her directions which occurred with ease. The children’s excess energy could now flow down the classrooms grounded connection to Earth, instead of building up inside their bodies, creating pressure which they needed to expel with inappropriate behavior. Their behavior changed in response to Alana’s skill at changing the energy. Her sense of resignation began to dissipate, and with it the hopelessness in dealing with her daily life.

Hopelessness or disheartenment emerges in us when we do not have the mechanisms to work from point of origin in our daily life.

Embodied Practice teaches that energetic changes provide the basis for success. Learning to identify the precise nature, origin and location of that energy within our complex energetic systems is one of the skills of Embodied Practice.

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Abbe J. Grossman, MA, CET, CT


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