Unified Web of Creation


Nothing you do, say or accomplish can change the love you are. You are loved, because you are loved. Be willing to expand into a greater awareness of the love you are, and then all you do becomes an act of unconditional love. If you believe love is obedience, or how much you accomplish, suddenly all you do becomes a search to find yourself.

Bring compassionate awareness to ALL parts of your life; not just the ‘pretty’ parts. Simple gentle awareness heals what you observe. Healing is that simple, yet that difficult because we are taught to ‘do’ something. An inward peaceful glance to your perceived unlovability organically produces a happier self.

If your life, health, finances are not what you would like them to be, it is because you have repressed pain. Complacently pretending to be satisfied with scraps does not glorify the beauty that Creation intended you to be.

Yes, be grateful, but don’t confuse gratitude with mediocrity. What dreams have you denied? What talents have you forgotten? YOU have such beauty, talent, love and creativity that is constantly wanting to be expressed through you.

The problem is, if we block the pain (fear, doubt, grief, shame) we also block the flow of creativity and good. Add just a small dash of story or shame to a feeling, and you can now be trapped for years.

In an intentional surrender, we begin to let things flow through us, and we then discover a joy that is beyond the duality of love/fear, joy/grief. The Love I am referring to is not the opposite of hate–it includes all things and is all things. You are that Love.

You are loved no matter what you think, feel, or do. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are just leaves to a tree. The process of self acceptance will lead you to realize your beautiful whole self (tree).

Finding beauty in the suffering, or harmony in the pain requires a shift in your attention. Learning to observe feelings and thoughts takes practice. You are the part of yourself that is aware that you have thoughts, and you are those thoughts. In other words: You are the dancer and the dance.. the observer and what is observed. When you are able to yield to the abundant flow of life by embracing the darkness (emotional pain / limiting beliefs) you realize you are the unifying divine light that includes the dark.

Fighting to ‘be positive’ will trap you in a mental circus eventually draining you into a pile of shame. Carl Jung: “If the tension of opposites is not brought to harmony within, what you produce instead are factions within the personality – and thereupon the world.” Realizing your non-dual self beyond the personality requires an acceptance of your ‘persona’ and co-currently a surrender to a greater you.

Last week at Energetics Of Healing retreat, 14 women saw the profound power of breathing in the ‘darkness’. They didn’t try to rationalize, change the story, or analyze where it all came from. The women were also shown how to breathe in the suffering of another to spontaneously heal. Every time we did the process years of pain and trauma fell off, and I would hear someone declare “it just can’t be that simple!”

It takes a warrior’s heart to look into the darkness and let the light beyond thought, be revealed. Unified awareness held from an inner realization of a omnipresent force, heals what you view. Feel the sadness for the Philippines or your suffering family member, but let the pain move through. Allow the suffering to expand you to another understanding of the non-dual omnipresent Love within and around you.

Once you allow all of life to be fully experienced, you uncover a spontaneous joy within. It sounds paradoxical to embrace pain to know joy. BUT, our bodies and heart are already feeling the pain of our loved ones and the Earth. Numbing our pain with entertainment, rationalization, food, drugs etc., doesn’t work. Release your attachments to only being in the light and you discover a peace that transcends conditions.

Surrender is not passive. Letting go to Creation/Love in the moment feels like the scary unknown, and it takes great courage. Like a monkey surrounded by an orchard, who has his hand trapped in a vase from trying to get a rotten apple, we also hold onto our ‘precious’ limitations (darkness). Peace can be found amidst the chaos in your powerful surrender to Love. Accepting ‘what is’ (rotten apple) spontaneously allows greater vision to be seen (orchard).

As we practice embracing ‘what is’ we no longer deny what our heart has known. Acceptance allows a greater vision of love to be seen and ends the energetic tug of war. Love IS all things. Turn towards what scares you, be still with the discomfort, and then a unifying web of Creation will be revealed.
Barbra White


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