Ascension is the buzz word of the spiritual/metaphysical community.

It is simply identifying the earth’s clearing of all the negative energies that have built up within the land, waters and the air of our planet. The purpose of the earth’s clearings is to discharge those energies through the processes that we are experiencing as the earth changes.

Medically, there are often many different pathways to the same diagnosis. Global warming, created by man, is another pathway that has accelerated these clearings that are also contributing to the ascension of the earth. According to
many, including Edgar Cayce, (also known as the Sleeping Prophet) the earth is moving from third dimensional energies to the fifth dimensional frequency and thus the earth’s vibrational frequencies are ascending.

The fifth dimensional energies are the energies of unconditional love.

According to the healers and teachers I work with from the higher dimensions, the dark forces will cease to reside on this planet. Once the ascension is completed, all of us who do reside on this planet will have to be vibrating at the fifth dimensional level or above. Thus we must clear all of our negative and lower vibrational energies to do so.

All of us were fully aware of this entire process before we incarnated into this lifetime. Each one is here for very specific purposes.

Some of us made plans to go all the way, so to speak and to move with the earth’s energies into the fifth dimension. They will then be referred to as ascended masters. However, I have seen clients who did not originally sign up for an ascension path, decide to go beyond the goals originally set before entering this lifetime, and move onto an ascension

Each experience any one of us has, whether it is internal dynamics through our own thoughts and/or emotions, whether it is interactions with another person or situation, and/or circumstance we find ourselves in, it is all a result of our own creation! We co-create with others and by doing so we create the greatest opportunity for growth for all. We are

The healers and teachers I work with have definitively stated that man was created to be a powerful being and a creator. What has happened too often to too many is that mankind has succumbed to the often horrendous experiences they have undergone during lifetime after lifetime until those energies, still present in their energy fields, have caused self- sabotage which creates self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness. We can experience periods when we feel great and in charge of our own destiny. We can then be catapulted off that mountain of accomplishment into despair or other forms
of fear through unexpected experiences that rattle us to our core. These experiences can ultimately generate feelings of powerlessness and subsequently victimization.

Throughout history mankind has envisioned itself here to conquer the earth. This mindset has all but destroyed this planet which interestingly enough parallels the Avatar movie, which I strongly urge everyone to see. We are here to master ourselves. We do this through karmic experiences which we must move through with awareness, and we must respond to those experiences with the highest level of wisdom, love and compassion we can manage. This is also true for contracts we agree to.

Contracts are as binding spiritually as they are legally here on the earth. I have seen clients’ teachers re-orchestrate a contract from what was originally agreed upon. When the client was sinking under the circumstances
of the original contract, the contract was then reconstructed to accomplish the original outcome desired, thus saving the person from failure and loss within the context of accomplishing their spiritual goals.

I have heard those who speak from high spiritual places acknowledge the great respect and unconditional love they hold for each one of us. They are well aware of the vicissitudes our earth experience can present, triggering all of those
negatively stored emotions and patterns. When we are able to re-frame those experiences and look at each one as a gift, an opportunity to soar when we are able to hold onto the Light, the Love, the Wisdom of however we perceive the
Divine to be, we expand spiritually. For each experience is a mirror of us reflecting aspects of ourselves back to ourselves in some way to help us become more aware, and to help us learn, resulting in growth. Each and every
experience is also a reflection of how powerful we are. What is that old saying?
“We are not given more than we can handle!”

If we reach higher spiritually each and every time we are experiencing challenges of every magnitude, and we are able to view these experiences as opportunities to deepen and expand our spirituality, we will expand into the LIGHT! Our lives are the classroom of our souls. Your experiences, internally and externally, are the tools of your spiritual growth, just as the text book is the tool of the classroom used for our academic learning and accomplishment.

We are responsible for the life we have created. When things happen that we do not want or like, we cannot blame it on someone else or something else. This, literally, makes us into victims. We cannot have it both ways. We then, conversely, take all of the credit when life goes as we desire. That is part of self- mastery, to accept complete responsibility for ourselves.

Energy work is another way to assist our clearing negative emotions and patterns. It is a tool to help clear those
energies more swiftly and completely rather than just walking through experiences. As our vibrations rise, we are able to connect more easily with our teachers.

Each of us has a spiritual team of spiritual beings who came to this planet with us.

They are here to support and guide us through the challenges and tests that are incumbent with our life experiences. Most religions teach us about the guardian angel who is ever at our side. This is true, one or more angels can be on our team. The Higher Self and the Council of Elders are higher vibrational Beings who form the administrative part of our
team. The council is composed of teachers we work with on the other side between lives.

My work, Dr. Michael Newton’s work as disclosed in his books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, and Dr. Brian Weiss’ work in his publications beginning with Many Lives Many Masters, as well as the work of others, have verified this. Our teachers want more than anything to connect with us and help us accomplish all or more of the plans that we have made for this journey.

At the beginning of this New Year, with the earth changes and global warming accelerating, we will have many challenges. We can turn these challenges into opportunities to learn, grow and even soar, if we can endeavor to get out of our own way. If we will embrace the Divine within, allowing each challenge we face to deepen and expand our spiritual essence until we are fully aligned with the Divine Consciousness, we will succeed in graduating into the higher dimensions. We are never alone! We are deeply loved and applauded for the journeys we have each agreed to take upon this planet.

gma0001ab Lynne Browning-Krajenke L.M.S.W., C.Ht.

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