Letting Life Love You


Life is not a war zone to fight through or prove your merit; your worth is already given. Life is a lover waiting to be fully embraced, lived and engaged. Life is not a survival test to escape only when you die. Life is working on your behalf, even when conditions are bad.

“The lover, out of boundless love, takes the form of the Beloved. What Beauty! Both are made of the same nectar and share the same food. Out of the Supreme Love they swallow each other up. But separate again for the joy of being two…. The entire universe is too small to contain them. Yet they live happily in the tiniest particle.” Jnaneshwar in Nectar of Self-Awareness.

Healing is about revealing the capacity, and creativity within you that is WAITING to be given permission. Don’t wait to know your wholeness and innate happiness. Healing is remembering your already present wholeness more and more each day.

Don’t wait dear one to let your beautiful smile be seen. Waiting for your spirit to be bright enough, tush thin enough, or bank account fat enough to finally accept your ‘enough-ness’ is torture. You are enough now. Let yourself relax into your continuously evolving self.

Skip the ‘growth’ step of self punishment. Life does not need to be: problem, insight, guilt, then integration. You will always have something you are learning.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.“ Maya Angelou

We are not taught emotional wisdom. Many of us were taught to just ‘do more’ , or ‘work harder’ when faced with a relationship issue or life problem believing stopping to look within would be a waste of time. Don’t be ashamed of the unhealthy ways you have devised to get your needs met. Don’t be ashamed of what you are learning and don’t know. It is the wise folks who know they are ALWAYS learning and embrace growth joyfully.

In retreats and sessions I hear many people say, “How did I not know this?” or “How did I stay in that job/relationship as long as I did?” Some people get so ashamed of what they realized that they try to suppress what they just learned! But, once you know something you cannot ‘un-know’ it.

The word ‘lesson’ doesn’t fully embody the joy, and good that evolving reveals. When you shift a limiting perception, your life changes. Your perceptions are continually gathering evidence of being true. Believe ‘you are always the one to give to others’ and/or ‘no one takes care of you’ and this will be your life. Celebrate all the ways you are growing and learning.

You are an evolving conscious spiritual energy experiencing itself in an unfolding tapestry. Your heart is like a thousand petal lotus flower and every time a petal opens (insight/learning) you must clear the dust off the petal. Don’t confuse yourself as the dust dear one.

Stand willing to love your perceptions, limiting beliefs, and patterns that once served to meet your un-met needs. You will stumble as you challenge yourself to love more, feel deeper and dream bigger. But you never know what stumbling becomes a beautiful new dance.

Your good deeds or spiritual growth doesn’t prevent life from happening. Obedience, prayers, and ‘doing everything right’ doesn’t prevent challenging things from happening. Believing if you are ‘good enough’, only good will come to you, or if you work hard enough you will earn only good fortune, traps you into never quite feeling good enough. Have you experienced some things you initially thought were bad, that were actually helping you and when you thought an event was ‘good’, it became troublesome? Maybe its not about labeling things good or bad and more about embracing life as it is, from a place of your essential nature. You are already whole, complete, and beautiful AND waking up to this fact. Live from the fullness and wholeness of your being so that you can cease fighting life’s conditions, and blaming yourself for things that ‘go wrong’. Give yourself permission to feel your wholeness now, before any condition, or circumstance is met.

“You are not here to fix yourself. You are here to Be yourself”
Micheal Beckwith in Transcendance

When you are still waiting for someone, condition or goal to give you permission to know your essential essence you are trapped in self-created hell. Set yourself free by simply being willing to shed the limiting beliefs that tell you, you have to do something to be loved. As you give permission to your innate wholeness, all that you do, say and accomplish becomes expression of your communion with life and love. Beginning from a place of fullness rather than lack you begin to notice the miracle that is your life. This affirmation I give to clients is potent, simple, and has changed lives.

“I don’t have to do, say, or accomplish anything to be loved”

Don’t try to convince yourself of this statement, rather feel the resistance to it with non judgemental witnessing. As you feel the resistance, the wisdom of these words, already within, will be revealed. These words are medicine: ‘Dose’ yourself daily so that you can clear out your cruel mis-perceptions of yourself and life. Repeat and feel any resistance to these words a few minutes a day. Eventually you will begin to embody these words without effort.

The beautiful flower remains, even if you are experiencing thorns. Don’t let the thorns define all of life. Don’t let one relationship or situation prevent you from being open and receptive to all the good that life has for you. You have nothing to prove, you are already awesome. Give your essence permission to be expressed and life will figure out the details for you. As you break your internal agreements to fight and prove your worth in the world, a value beyond what you can imagine will be revealed.

In service, Barbra White.


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