A Neurologist Convinces Patients of Mind, Body, Spirit Work


Effective mind body spirit work leads to inner change, which leads to real happiness and health. Anyone having success with such work, knows how hard it can be and that it pushes you to your limits. Here I share my inspiration and experience attempting to raise awareness of the mind body spirit connection while working as a conventional neurologist.

My interest in mind body spirit work was ignited after an intense and unexpected spiritual experience on Christmas Eve in 2008. For several weeks my body was engulfed in a loving, buzzing, spiritual presence. The spiritual presence was having an effect on other people. People that were normally tense would let down their guard around me and a saw a rare glimpse of their genuine, carefree side. Even total strangers would sometimes open up to me and share very personal experiences.

This experience showed me a new way to counsel my neurology patients. I learned to speak less and just give my full attention. I had always presumed that my patients wanted detailed explanations of their diseases. However when the spiritual presence was active, I was amazed at how many of my patients were satisfied with their visit, despite me saying just a few of words. Instead of walking away with a head full of explanations (mostly wrong, I now realize), they walked away with something priceless. They walked away knowing that someone had really heard them. I thoroughly enjoyed those weeks of intense loving energy.

I was dismayed when it faded away. I was ineffective at helping people feel good about themselves. I could not convince them of the importance of spirituality. My spiritual experience had become a memory, and no amount of imaging could replace the real thing. But even in its absence, I could see I had been given a gift. I had a taste of how life can be, of how we are naturally supposed to be. Although it was gone, it left me with insights of how I needed to change. I knew that spiritual guidance was real, beyond ideas and principles. I also knew that deeply applying the law of karma, “that which we do to others is done to us”, was the key to success. My spiritual experience had been ignited while reading the Spiritual Treasures, Final Edition and those teachings provided me with all the guidance I needed.

Now after five years on a spiritual path and after many personal life challenges, things have changed. The loving spiritual presence graces me more frequently and in deepening ways. My ability to help my patients has improved. After many failed attempts, I can see clearly now the reasons I was ineffective at convincing my patients of the importance of mind body spirit work.

Initially I was insensitive, to them and me. As my sensitivity grew, I became aware that I was perturbed by virtually everyone, including myself. Sometimes I was downright enraged. It became clear to me that I had a big chip on my shoulder towards conventional medicine and Christianity. I had seen the shortcomings in both groups. Even though I understood they generally had good intentions, I was frustrated with all the confusion they created. That chip on my shoulder tainted every word I said in favor of spirituality. Most of my patients would humor me as I counseled them, but few were inspired to change. I can now see, it was me that needed to change first. I had to learn to look past the surface of things and overcome my rejections. The universe assisted me by arranging endless opportunities to forgive and just love. To be honest, I still see rejection inside of me, but it doesn’t control me like it used to. Now if I notice a rejection while counseling my patient, I can usually let it go. When it no longer fuels my thoughts or actions, then something magical happens. I am able to give them my attention so completely that they feel heard. A trust is formed and both our hearts are touched by the opening that results.

I now have a much stronger confidence in mind body spirit work. I know how very challenging this work is and have more compassion for those who are just not ready to engage in it. There really are no words or clever tricks to convince someone of the importance of spiritual work. A person has to be ripe and when they are, it is the spiritual presence that inspires them. I can see that presence is growing because of the culmination of intense efforts to clean my own life up in a 24/7 manner over the past five years. It is the result of being the change that I wanted to see in others. I am deeply grateful to have learned how to cultivate this inner space that helps people let down their guard and find practical solutions in their lives. I wish others to see this potential in themselves and learn how they can be a source of solutions in a world of confusion.

faceshotcasita (1)Author Bio: Roger Gietzen is a medical doctor who after an intense and unexpected spiritual experience immediately saw the shortcomings of modern medicine. He now shares his insights from his spiritual path in his mind body spirit clinic, Healthy Mind Body.


  1. How wonderful your experience! !
    May you continue in your awakening and touch the lives and hearts of many.

    Blessings, Kim Schrader


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