My Return to Detroit as a Sexologist


I am home in the metro Detroit area where I was born and raised. I fled at the ripe age of 20 to perhaps run away from some troubles that we all have. However 20 years later, I know my departure was a longing of self-discovery. The pioneers embarked on journeys in search of gold, vast nature, or to discover pieces of themselves known only in different landscapes. If you asked Naturalist, John Muir at the age of 22, when he took his first botany class at the University of Wisconsin, if he intended to define the environmental movement and co-found the Sierra Club, he probably would have looked at you with a gaze of curious intensity. Muir described the day in his autobiography. “This fine lesson charmed me and sent me flying to the woods and meadows in wild enthusiasm.” (*Muir, John (1916). The Story of My Boyhood and Youth. Houghton Mifflin Co.)

In 1992 at the age of 20, I was protesting Playboy magazine’s presence at Central Michigan University to interview women for their centerfold series featuring the top ten party schools. At the time if you asked had I considered becoming a sexologist, I would have squinted and perhaps defensively asked, “What do you mean by that?” Yet years before in my developmental stages, like Muir, I was wild with enthusiasm for my discoveries of sexuality. I read neighborhood kids the ‘Where Did I Come From’ book, after my parents read it to me and later cautioned to keep it in the house for our family. I taught some young girlfriends the joys of self-pleasuring. People just feel safe talking to me about their deepest matters of love and sex.

The Playboy controversy came and went, as did my viewpoints about porn and experiences throughout my life out West. I found solace in backcountry Rocky Mountain excursions and the Yosemite wilderness that Muir eloquently writes about. In nature I seek soothing for my soul and support to confidently walk my path as a sexologist. Nature is home and connecting to my natural sexual self is all I’ve known. I’ve been blessed with fulfilling early sexual experiences allowing for openness and exploration. I don’t take those for granted because many of my clients struggle to regain a healthy sense of sexuality. I have struggled also with relationship, intimacy, marriage, divorce, low sex drive, addictions. Coming through the other side of suffering has strengthened my resolve to be true to myself and ‘go for it’. The wild enthusiasm Muir expressed abounds as my sexology career unfolds and my deepest joy comes in offering teachings in all forms. I am honored to witness others connect to their natural sexuality and manifest passionate relationships.

Returning to metro Detroit is ideal as I launch my Natural Sexuality programs this January 2014. I could not have planned it two years ago, when my thriving San Francisco practice became bi-coastal, and I opened an office in an upper west side New York City neighborhood. Now I am home in Detroit, which needs Love, and I feel called to spread it and empower others to do the same. There is no shame in sex, after all, be it with an escort frankfurt would love to offer, or with a partner you’ve known for a long time. Information, resources, and even some techniques can be found out there – on my website, at the local romance store, outside of ourselves. My technique as a sexologist stands in helping you connect, naturally, to your sexual energy. I have learned to do this in my own unique pioneering way, as I’ve navigated the woods of the sexual self with wild enthusiasm. There are details about my groundbreaking technique and workshops on my website, listed below.

A century beyond Muir’s time, life is different. Yet in nature, and the home within, we find solace in the familiar. From that place of safety we can understand ourselves and others. Our patterns that bind loose their grip. We give more and receive easier. We feel the flow of our natural sexual energy. This energy can be used for so much more than sex. Its creative life force energy is available at any given moment, if we allow it. Muir as Naturalist and I as Sexologist both pioneer in uncharted woods and navigate a landscape for others to relish the beauty of nature. I am honored to share with others what I have discovered about the beautiful landscape of our human sexuality and its full potential.

Annette Gates

Sexologist and Creator of Natural Sexual Reprogramming (NSR) Technique for Relationship & Sex Coaching offers webinars, private sessions, and workshops in: New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, Caribbean, Bali, and Mediterranean. Awaken to your natural sexuality and full sexual potential. Create passionate relationships. Love Making Life . For more info visit or call Annette at 248-246-6221


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