Working Your Truth


Winter is that time of year when we generate more of our own light and energy, as opposed to being fed and nourished by the life and light around us during the warmer months. It is easier to be positive and full of hope and energy when all the substance of life is generously providing for our needs. But
during times of lack, such as winter or financial limitation, we are challenged to generate out of ourselves the connections with spirit, beauty, warmth and hope that can give birth to the life we desire.

These are the times when we get to work our truth, taking it out of the realm of concept and desire and planting it firmly in our worlds and lives.

Generosity, kindness, cheerfulness and hope become things that we have to choose to call forth, whether for ourselves or others. Doing so, we open the door to the spirit of these qualities in truth. Expressing them begins as an act of faith, and then that connection opens up and it becomes real.

Rudolph Steiner, the great philosopher and teacher of the mid 1800s – early 1900s, taught that in summer our souls are lifted up into spirit and receive seeds of truth to nurture within our own souls over the winter months. In this way, we take what is given so freely when it is warm and during the cold and dark months we grow them within our own selves.

In his Calendar of the Soul for January 10 – 16 he writes:
The soul’s creative might
Is striving from the heart’s foundation
To set aflame in human life
The powers of gods for proper working,
To give itself a shape
In human love and also human work.

These are the times when we can gain mastery and confidence in our true roots in spirit. When forced to bring forth our truth for ourselves, uninspired from anyone or anything outside of our own souls, we discover we are co-creators with the divine, birthing something beautiful into the world’s dark winter
night. Winter is a great time to meditate, whether sitting or walking, to generate the light within.

When I become weary and burdened by life and feel that I have forgotten my inner joy and sweetness, I have learned to take a time-lapse vacation. In this clever trick, you can spend as long as you need, wherever you want to be, doing whatever you need to do to reinvigorate yourself; using very little actual time and without having to pack or plan! One time I felt that I needed 3 years off of work. I took two – 15 minute time-lapse vacations and came back fully ready to live my life!

Here is a quick guide to your time-lapse vacation:
1) Choose a quiet place where you can spend a few minutes without interruption. Give yourself an inner hug all the way down to your toes, to get you out of your head and into your feeling self. Settle back until you feel that your spine is the middle of you, rather than at your back. And then focus yourself deep within your heart and belly; as though all your thoughts and senses could be directed from there. Open your heart and begin…

2) Imagine yourself wherever you desire to be. Imagine using all your senses to feel every aspect of the experience. Spend as many days, weeks or months as you need there in your imagination.

3) Your unconscious self doesn’t understand time, everything is now. So if you want to spend a week or a month lying on a Caribbean Beach, suggest to yourself that you are doing that. Imagine sunsets marking the passing of days, meals being delivered to you; add long naps and daily massages if you want, or any activity at all that rejuvenates your soul. Don’t worry about your responsibilities; be responsible only to yourself during this time.

4)Stay until you feel rejuvenated or until you have to stop. Go back as many times as needed until you feel, truly, that you have rested deeply and are ready to face your life with love and gratitude again.

Another tool to help you generate your own light this winter is to strengthen the energy of the sun from within. Centering as in step 1) in the Time-Lapse Vacation exercise above, invite the energy of the sun to shine within your own body and aura; welcome the warmth and light to fill you all the way down to your toes and up to the top of your head, and to radiate beyond into your energy field.
Ask it to shine within all day, in a gentle and even glow. Even better is to go outside on sunny days or even on cloudy days and take off your eyeglasses if you wear them, to allow the sun to shine on your face. 10 or 15 minutes of this can make a huge difference in your mood and energy.

Any time you give of yourself down to the last drop or crumb of your life force, you have forgotten to receive for yourself. You need to nurture the one that does the giving, so that what is given is whole and balanced. Where you don’t have it to give, perhaps you need to ask yourself what you are doing, what others should be doing for themselves. Working your truth requires you to find the balance between all elements of your life. Not a static balance, but balanced like a bicycle rider, where you pump on both sides of the center and move forward without falling down! Meditation, exercise and the
occasional time-lapse vacation can help you to find the balance you need to be a light in your own world this winter.

Eve Wilson


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