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Now that you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, how do you keep them?
You’ve made New Year resolutions before, and by February, you’re frustrated and have given up keeping them. You feel like a failure. Again.

Having a goal and not accomplishing it is a common cycle. So, how do you obtain your goals? One of the first
things to look at is priorities. For example, perhaps you are wanting to make more money, yet being home with the kids is important too.

Discover which makes your heart sing. When you focus on what makes your heart sing, you are in the flow of the Divine. One way to do this is to verbally state your objective and see how good it feels — not how you think your heart or body feels. Do you feel positive or blah? Or, do you feel resistant or negative? In this case, for example, I might say, ” My goal is to make more money.” Then check in and see how I feel. I would then say, “My goal is to be a loving wife and
mother,” and see how that feels. Which feels more positive?

Does one make your heart sing?

The one which makes your heart sing, or at least is more positive, is a priority in your life goals. Let’s say it turns out to be, as in my case, being a loving wife and mother. Great! I now have a goal that I don’t feel I “should” do to be a good or successful person, nor is it something others think I should do to be successful. It’s MY goal, in alignment with MY SOUL. Yay!

Does this mean giving up the other possible goal? No.

All it means is that one has priority and is a focus point for more energy to flow that way. You can always keep the other as a goal of lower priority, and therefore, can choose to give it slightly less energy.

Keeping your primary goals to about three is wise; focusing on only three does not spread your energy too thin. There is no conflict as to where to put your focus. When we are in the flow of obtaining our highest good, going for our primary life goal(s), energy is released and there is a greater flow of energy for focusing on the lower-priority goals that are less needed to fulfill our life goal(s).

As the energy flows, you get more of what it’s flowing towards, and more energy itself to work with. So, those secondary goals are becoming fulfilled also, possibly more and more quickly, effortlessly. Just because someone thinks your goal should be to finish school, what if that’s not the accomplishment that takes you towards your highest good? Be true to yourself, not your parents, friends, mate or children.

Once you have three primary goals in order of priority, write them down every day. You can do this in the morning, at night, or both. It reminds your subconscious to direct your energy towards those goals. It also vibrationally and energetically attracts the fulfillment of these goals to you. It literally starts working on transforming your vibrational energy signature as well. Life changes around you and opportunities can appear. Reviewing your goals every day reminds you of your goals in the order of their importance so that when you have to choose, you have some direction in your choices.

Taking time every day to picture yourself living your accomplished goal is also helpful in allowing universal energy to be attracted and directed to creating that life, and reprogramming your human identity/story to include that desire. If you can picture yourself having that life, you can live it.

Often, we have limited beliefs that keep us stuck in our old programs, our old stories. Hypnosis is a great way to change those self-imposed limitations. If you are not aware of them, therapy can help or deepen the knowing and assist you in releasing your subconscious limiting beliefs and scripts.

These are just a couple ways to get started on fulfilling the New Year resolutions and goals you make for yourself. Next month, we will take a look at other small steps you can take to keep your resolutions and accomplish your goals. Remember, the whole universe wants your highest good, so go along with the flow, prioritize, visualize and increase your

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