New Year’s Wishes, The Hope For The World


Whew! Another year is gone, and how fast it passes us by. It’s only natural to look back and reflect upon what we’ve accomplished, both successes and failures. But most of us focus of what we didn’t accomplish rather than on what we did. This time of year is filled with many regrets. We forget about the good we did and think only about the failures. This is a natural tendency that has been programmed into us by society from the earliest of ages.

Success is glorified and failure is admonished. But failure is not failure. Your path to a better you is the journey, and it changes you in ways you are not even aware of. In fact, your striving not only changes you but also changes the collective. It is so powerful and so necessary that I call it, The Hope of the World.

Failure Is Good
We have all heard that failure is good if we learn from it. I couldn’t agree more. We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from them and not get attached to the failure. Learn, let go and move on. However, there is also value in trying. Not just in the sense that if you don’t try you’re not even in the game and can’t score, but in the sense that your striving to be a better you is creating change even if you can’t see it. For the very act of doing so changes you.

Society Ignores Inner Success
Society measures success at the outward level. It ignores what happens internally at the energetic and esoteric levels. When you strive, you change. Your intention sets energy in motion and this is good. Honor yourself for taking this step even if you cannot see the effect. But there is an effect even beyond you and it is big.

Small Shifts Make A Difference
Ancient mystics, spiritualist and quantum physicists all agree we are connected. If we make an internal shift, even an imperceptible one, the shift in the underlying energy of our being is felt throughout the universe. Individually we many not notice the change, but energetically it is there. These seemingly small imperceptible changes shift the consciousness of the entire planet.

We have no idea where the tipping point is. We may be the one that tips the scale for some issue, and instantly planetary change occurs. When working at this level, not everyone needs to change. If enough individuals change, then the whole can instantly benefit from the upload into the collective consciousness.

Planetary change such as the abolishment of slavery, women’s rights, and even universal health care are manifested through the collective. They could never have manifested without the consciousness to support it. YOU make a difference. You have no idea how your thoughts ripple out into the ethers and affect others, but know that they do.

YOU Make A Difference
As you enter the New Year, make your New Year’s Resolutions with hope and faith and a renewal of energy knowing that you do make a difference. Know that no matter what the outcome in the physical world, you have made a difference. Invoke the power of the divine to support you in your desires to let go of old, dead energy that is suppressive and oppressive. Let in the light, the joy, health, vitality and love that you know you are. Happy New Year, everyone! It’s a good one already. And so it is.

Dave Krajovic

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