2014: The Year of Graceful Exits


By Dr. Natalia M Schotte

Two New Years

The Gregorian calendar, which marks January 1 as its New Year, governs linear time and, to the extent in which we engage in society, our external lives as well. The solar calendar, which marks the Autumnal Equinox as its New Year, governs Spiritual Time and the Inner Life.

There is an intricate relationship between our Inner and outer lives. The Inner Life–or one’s consciousness–operates on the plane of causation (i.e. consciousness precedes external experience). We are either conscious or unconscious creators of our reality. Our experiences in the outer world inform us as to the state of our consciousness. Our abundant, joyful, harmonious and peaceful experiences, for example, reflect where we have healed our consciousness, where we are operating in alignment with our Souls. Experiences that are out of balance and/or that we perceive as painful are an indicator of misalignment with our Souls and are a call to healing. The external aspects of our lives, including our careers, finances, health, and relationships, are powerful informants of our healing journey. This is the purpose and gift of incarnating in human form.

In late summer, I asked Spirit for the spiritual focus of the New Nature Year and was given “The Year of Captivation.” During this current Nature year we are called to:

Surrender to the Captivation of the Soul

We do this by silencing the voice of the ego-personality and heeding the Voice of the Soul. (If you haven’t already read my article on The Year of Captivation, click here.)

To live according to the Soul, surrender to the deep and profound rhythms of Nature. This creates space for deeper breathing and feeling–important aspects of the Spiritual Healing that opens our Hearts to Love. It’s only when we slow down that we heal, love and relate intimately with others. From this Soul/Nature-centered way of living, we extend ourselves into the outer world. We come to know “we are in this world and not of it.” We engage in the outer world in meaningful and whole ways, ways that serve our spiritual growth and that of others.

The Year of Graceful Exits

Recently, I asked Spirit about the theme of the new Gregorian year. “What theme will characterize our external lives in 2014?” I was told that 2014 is The Year of Graceful Exits. Our increasing Soul Infusion Level–the degree to which we live from our Soul rather than our ego-personality-catalyzed with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, 2013, is causing some of the external aspects of our lives to be out of sync with our inner Selves/Souls.

In 2014, we are called to align our expanding spiritual consciousness with our external reality. To do this, we will exit some relationships and situations–sometimes voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily. Either way the changes that occur are necessary for us to move into the larger life of the Soul.

We are called to be graceful as these exits occur whether or not we are initiating them. Gracefulness emanates from an understanding that the Life of the Soul is what we truly desire – it is the Source of true and lasting fulfillment.

We are being called to: Let Go and Let God

I created The Year of Captivation Solutions to support Accelerated Spiritual Growth™ in the current Nature Year. They are equally supportive as you prepare for and experience the external challenges and opportunities of 2014, which are the result of the inner changes catalyzed in this Nature Year. Learn more about The Year of Captivation Solutions here…

Embrace the opportunities that this New Year offers to re-align your life with your Soul… the opportunity to create your life anew…the opportunity to live the expanded and more fulfilling life of which you are capable. You are here to be joyful. When you do what is right for you at a Soul level, you serve yourself and all others too, regardless of appearances. This year, we will be challenged to let go of codependency and attachments to external power, and as do we will be greatly rewarded.

Let us give thanks for the comings and goings that characterize the life of the Soul in form. Let us give thanks for the relationships and situations that are ending. Let us celebrate completions. Then let us sit peacefully in the sacred space created by the graceful exits that have occurred in our lives and allow the expanded Life of the Soul to emerge.

I send my heartfelt wishes for a glorious year of GRACEFUL EXITS.

Dr. Natalia M Schotte is a pioneer and visionary in the fields of Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Healing. She has been an internationally acclaimed counselor, healer, intuitive, speaker and teacher for over 25 years. She began working with flower essences in 1986 and founded La Vie de la Rose in 2006. Dr. Schotte holds a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. She is also a Level 5 graduate from The International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences. Dr. Schotte is ordained through the International Council of Community Churches. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto.


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