Ayurvedic way to lose Weight


I am blessed to know this wonderful science of Ayurveda that changed and is changing my approach towards life every moment in a positive way. I started my education in Ayurvedic science in 1990 and since then this journey is filled with knowledge, especially understanding myself and the people around me and enjoying the beauty in everything. I have been in this profession for more than 17 years now, and have seen people suffering from numerous physical and mental imbalances. All imbalances manifest due to imposed need of responding to surrounding than peeking inside of self to know self needs and maneuver life accordingly.

To keep well-balanced health, moderation in everything is a good strategy. When we exceed the limit it shows up with some symptoms in our body and mind. Whether it is an endocrinal disease like Diabetes or increased weight. Weight gain does not happen all of a sudden unless there is an underlying pathological cause. Most people who want to lose weight are continuously thinking of losing weight, which gives good exercise to their mind than their body. This mental exercise is a strenuous one that generates more stress and exhausts the mind.

When it comes to losing weight the first attention goes to the food that we eat. Food or eating is such a simple act. Food is to nourish your body and mind. There is hardly any good reason to stress one’s mind and lose the peace of one’s mind thinking about food.

Ayurveda makes eating simpler. Eat as per your body type. Every person is a unique make-up of Vata Pitta and Kapha dosha. The diet which is good for one may not suit another because the body’s constitution, habits, metabolism, lifestyle, and bodily demands are different for each individual, eating as per your body’s demand maintains all bodily functions. For reducing weight it is important to pay attention to what you eat when you eat and how you eat.

A Few simple steps to start with:

1. Never go on “Fasting” or “starving “for reducing weight. Fasting or not having food does not help to reduce weight; it might give a temporary effect of losing weight but not for long. Fasting when done for spiritual purposes as mentioned in Yogic Science, is for the mind and body connection. If we fast by not eating anything and think of Pizza and pastry it will have no effect on reducing weight. Changing food habits – in moderation helps to reduce and maintain the weight that is reduced.

2. When to eat – honor the biological clock of your body. Breakfast lunch and dinner are three important meals of the day. Breakfast and dinner should be light as compared to lunch. Avoid eating in between meals. Have dinner no later than 7 pm and not eat anything after that until the next morning. If hungry 1 cup of warm milk is advised at bedtime. One should not eat anything after 10 pm. At least spend two hours between the dinner and bed time that is the time needed for your GI system to digest the food, uninterrupted.

However, if you are a personality – I don’t feel hungry for breakfast!!, then wait until you feel hungry (I recommend Ginger tea or just fruit for breakfast this helps to get the system started and you don’t overeat at lunch) and have a smaller portion of lunch, this helps to improve the metabolism and gets you back to your natural physiology.

3. What to eat – Food items to choose for meals should be as per Dosha type that maintains the function and metabolism which is responsible for optimal function of all organs e.g. Kapha predominant personalities tend to gain weight quickly and have a hard time lose weight, Kapha is a combination of Water and Earth element so trying to avoid the food items that have water and earth element and favoring those items those have fire, air and space element (Ayurveda books can be of great help to know the details of such food items) In general, avoid combining two proteins from different source together e.g Beans and cheese, egg and cheese, milk and fish. Eat at least one meal at home; preferably cook it every day fresh.

4. Fruits and fruit juices – Eat fruits on empty stomach, either for breakfast or after exercise. Eat fruits alone or leave them alone, try not to eat fruits with any other food item. Fruits give the best when we eat them whole, this gives good exercise to our oral cavity and the fibrous part in fruits helps in colon function.

5. Train your Gut – our stomach is twice as our hand fist, so imagine how much can it hold? Eating small portions helps in digesting the food well and keeps the metabolism going. We often overeat and do not realize it until we pay attention to how much is needed.

6. Switch off Television, Phone and computer while eating, serve half the portion then what you usually eat, this gives time to think weather you need the rest half or you can wait. Always sit down and eat, never eat when standing.

7. Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before meals; try not to drink water after meals. Never drink cold water or ice cold beverages with food.

8. Exercise – Everyday exercise is important, do we eat five days a week? No, the same concept is for exercise, it should be done daily. What type of exercise differs from person to person and how is based on one’s lifestyle.

9. Herbal teas/ honey-lime water/ apple cider vinegar – Be careful before you plan to rely and try these things for reducing weight , honey is heating and can cause increase pitta dosha. When honey is used in hot water or hot teas it glues to the mucus membrane causing Ama (toxins). Apple cider vinegar when taken on empty stomach can increase acid reflux. Herbal teas can be misleading too, it is important to know what types of herb are beneficial for your system to detoxify.

10. Mind Power – Mind is everything, mind is limitless! Along with the proper diet you must “Think Thin”.
Once you apply this technique you will experience the wonders it does to achieve your goal. Giving yourself quiet time daily for 10 minutes will help you to listen to your own self carefully.

11. Herbs-Play an important role in improving the metabolism and reducing the toxin from the body that not only benefits for reducing weight but also helps to improve overall metabolism and should be taken as advised by the physician.

Ayurveda suggests Panchakarma therapies to remove excess doshas and ama (toxins) from mind and body. These procedures require proper guidance from a highly trained Ayurvedic Physician and should not be done from reading information in books. Panchakarma helps in deep cleansing the cells and reduce the severity of symptoms from chronic illness. Dietary and lifestyle restrictions are advised during the period of panchakarma for optimal benefits.

Don’t lose your mind while losing weight!

Vaidya Beena Vesikar, Ayurveda Vachaspati (M.D. Ayurveda)

Founder of Beayurvedic Wellness Center in Farmington MI, Call – 248-631-7271, Visit- www.beayurvedic.com


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