Knock first


Following the spiritual path can take us to interesting, and sometimes surprising, places. When we ask spirit to guide us and then trust in the answers, we’re never quite sure where it will lead except to the highest good. We do, however, have to knock on the door before the door opens.

Over a decade ago, my own spirit guides led me to start a meditation center. I didn’t quite know how or why or where I was going to do that, but I had faith in my advisors. Every time I asked, “How?” they showed me the answer.

I located a suitable property and was considering its purchase when my angels and guides brought a person across my path who had a large, derelict building for sale in an entirely different location. The structure was in a severe state of deterioration after years of abandonment. Bricks were decaying and falling off. The city was getting ready to condemn it and have it demolished.

The facility was originally built in 1873 as a Baptist Church. Later, the church vacated the premises and a local non-profit took it over to run a community center. The pews were removed from the nave and it was transformed into a gym with a basketball court. In the basement level, they constructed a swimming pool. After years of use in that capacity, the building finally fell into disuse and disrepair, changing hands a couple of times as people attempted, and failed, to rehabilitate it.

I went to the building’s front porch and sat in meditation. In the end, I purchased the large, crumbling building in 2002.

Overcoming the obstacles

What might have seemed like a daunting, overwhelming project became a steady stream of lessons as I relied on my spirit guides to show me how to overcome all the obstacles. The trick was to keep my ego-mind from attempting to control the outcome.

Today, people come to the center to learn and practice meditation, or for yoga, Reiki, massage, or instruction in enlightenment and healing. Teachers of various disciplines find a home at the center, as well as a comfortable facility for retreats. The facility, with its long spiritual history, holds a calm, light energy. The center has a conference room, kitchen, private rooms, and the completely restored, soothing pool in the lower level. The center has been open since 2003 to all positive purposes.

The transformation didn’t happen overnight. I set my intention then sought counsel from my angels and guides every step of the way to make it happen. Most of the answers came in my dreams.

Right off the bat, the structure’s main beam had to be replaced after rotting out from water damage. With my own two hands, and help from others that turned up on my path, I delved into carpentry, masonry, tiling and more.

The original stained glass, long boarded up, was in need of repair. I didn’t know anything about stained glass, but by having the confidence and relying on the angels, I learned how to do stained glass.

Room for everyone

The rehabilitated facility holds many symbolic emblems from various religions around the world, demonstrating the center’s embrace of everyone wherever they are on their spiritual path.

I discovered a Coptic Cross embedded at the front peak of the stained glass, a symbol of faith. Elsewhere in the glass, there is what can be interpreted as a lotus flower or perhaps a lily, both symbols of purity in the Buddhist or Christian traditions, respectively. The original architecture includes the Egyptian flower of life within the arching beams that span the lofty ceilings.

I was led to create an octagon in the main room of the facility. Today, it is the space where group meditation, drumming, yoga and other classes are held. I didn’t know why I wanted an octagon in this space, but later discovered it’s an old symbol of Christian protection.

On the upper level, around this octagon, a Native American medicine wheel is incorporated right into the marble and granite tiling of the floor. An ankh, the Egyptian symbol of life, extends from the medicine wheel. A pyramid in the floor diverts the energy through the building. Elsewhere, a symbol from Jewish mysticism, the merkabah, is depicted in the floor.

Spirit also guided details like the black and white tiling in the tower, placed in such a way to suggest the feeling that this world is falling away and the other dimension is opening up. The original hand-hewn spiral staircase is surrounded by a library of books, with self help at the bottom working up to different religions as one climbs up.

Even the paint on the walls and the ceilings was inspired by my spirit guides, who showed me in a dream how to get the swirling pattern that now graces the surfaces. Upstairs the walls are blue like the sky. On the main level, the walls are lavender signifying transformation and healing.

Before even entering the building, visitors find a labyrinth that serves both to provide handicapped accessibility and use as a meditative tool. It is also a symbol of the spiritual journey.

For more than a decade, the Meditation Self Healing Center in Lapeer has welcomed all who seek peace and spiritual healing, and continues to open its arms to both teachers and students on the spiritual path.

It remains to be seen what will unfold under the guidance of spirit. My own experience shows me that no matter how daunting matters may seem, it’s a matter of asking, then listening for the answer with a stilled mind and a heart open to love, not fear.

Roy Sexton


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