The Twelve Blessings From Inner Peace to World Peace – Part 1


If Jesus appeared to us tonight to initiate us into a powerful Spiritual practice that could bring healing and inspiration to us and the world, we would treasure this as a sacred jewel.

The Master Jesus has come again in these days to give his New Age teachings to the world. In 1958, he delivered a deeply mystical text known as, The Twelve Blessings, through the advanced mediumship of yoga master, Dr. George King. These sacred texts were delivered in London, England over twelve consecutive Sundays, and are treasured jewels which have found their way around the world throughout the decades, in book and audio form.

The Twelve Blessings has several aspects. One is to introduce a deeper, Spiritual appreciation of the Universe in which we live, as we enter this age of space technology. As we advance scientifically and reach out into the Cosmos, we glimpse the interrelatedness and divinity of all life, including the Mother Earth, the Mighty Sun, and beyond.

Another important aspect is that these brilliantly designed teachings form a powerful Spiritual practice which everyone can use to heal and uplift our world. We can send a potent stream of love energy to the focal points of each Blessing which begins with, ‘Blessed Are They Who Work for Peace’ and culminates with a beautiful blessing to The Absolute.

Finally, this Spiritual practice works on a personal level by invoking the great Law of Karma. When we radiate love energy during our practice of The Twelve Blessings, it is returned to us in a naturally balanced manner. This power of love fills our aura, flowing through our mind and body, purifying and charging us. It opens our higher chakras, raising our vibrations and giving us the energy and inspiration we need on our journey towards enlightenment.

In The Twelve Blessings, The Master Jesus takes us beyond the realms of this Earth into the mighty truths of the cosmos, back to the Divine Source of all life!

Services of The Twelve Blessings
We hold Services of, The Twelve Blessings every Monday at 8:00 p.m. We also play one of these Blessings – as it was actually given by The Master Jesus – at every Sunday Service at 11:00 a.m. You are warmly welcome to attend these Services and join together afterwards with coffee, cookies and conversation!

Services are held at:
The Aetherius Society
3119 N. Campbell Road
(Just S of 13 Mile Road)
Royal Oak, MI 48073
Tel: (248) 588-0290


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